30 Day Blog Journal - Day Seven

Aug 11, 2010

Ok another REALLY tough one! Day Seven : A photo that makes you happy..

As cheesy as it is, hands down my favorite picture(s) are the ones Ronnie and I took of each other on our first night in our cabin in Yosemite. We had sat down with our pizza and wine on the porch to watch the sunset...In his picture he has the cheesiest smile, and looking at it now, it was definitely a nervous smile. He was also having some tooth pain but fought through it to have our special night. And me? I just look content. I was just feeling so ridiculously in love with him and with being there with him. I was giddy!

So this is us getting settled in..About 20 minutes later, we were engaged!!! My heart just swelled like crazy typing that out. I just love that boy so flippin' much!!!

1 comment:

amy said...

Awwww! So sweet! :)


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