30 Day Blog Journal - Day Eight

Aug 12, 2010

Day Eight - A picture that makes me angry/sad...

This is a long story so I totally understand if you don't want to read it! I think it'll help me to just blog about this because it always nags at me.

Nearly a year ago, a stray cat came to our house and Ronnie decided to name him Twitters (no idea why, he's not even a Twitter user! lol). The neighbors all loved him and we'd always tease that he was cheating on all of us because he was getting fed everywhere he went! He'd come by our house meowing very loudly but sweetly and I fell in love! I started feeding him every day and on those random days where he didn't show up before I left for work, I'd still leave him a little pile of food. This went on for MONTHS. I wanted to keep him so badly and make him an inside cat but we'd seen how badly he acted around our cat and dogs and Ronnie just didn't think it would work out. So we tried finding a home for him but that never happened either. But really I was never too worried for him because he showed up every day and was always well fed by us and by the neighbors.

Then about 2 months ago I realized he was getting thinner and his hair was thinning out too. I knew he was sick but we had absolutely NO extra money to take him to the vet. We kept feeding him and loving him, hoping we'd either come up with money or he'd get better. I wanted to at least take him to a shelter but Ronnie was afraid that if we took him to a shelter that they would euthanize him. Ugh I want to cry thinking about it! So I started thinking of ways we could come up with money to get him help and be able to finally KEEP HIM. I fed him for another week or so, petting him like crazy and just loving him like normal. Then all of a sudden one day he didn't show up. This went on for a few days until I realized he really was gone this time. I'll never know what happened to him and unfortunately the rational side of me knows he probably died somewhere but I like to think someone else picked him up and is taking care of him.

Either way, I'm sorry and I miss you, Twitters. I try to not think about you because it makes me too sad but I hope you know we loved you and I wish I could have done more for you.
(Ok I'm ready to move on to Day 9, this one was emotional!)

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