3 days down, a lifetime to go.

Feb 24, 2011

It's only been 3 days of eating better and I feel great! Seriously! I've also started taking much longer, faster walks with the dogs. I've never walked as much as I have in the past 2 months and even though I mostly hate apartment living, I do like the perk of being "forced" to walk the dogs 3-5 times a day [these little guys really do potty a lot!] and of course to go up and down stairs constantly since we're on the 2nd floor.

Yesterday, my boss and I had a meeting downtown and we toured the convention center and sites around that area for almost 2 hours non-stop. This included a bunch of going up and down stairs too and I noticed I felt WAY less winded than normal. So a big shout out to my doggy boys for needing to be walked so much! ;)

I don't want this to turn into my "weight loss diary" but I'm just letting you know ahead of time I'll probably do some random updates because it helps keep me on track! I may even decide to post my weight at some point. Maaaybe....But for now, I'm thinking about trying one of those 30 day post things and I'm prepared to stick with it this time!... Any ideas?.. And if I do one, will y'all do it with me? :)

Have an awesome day! We are SO close to Friday!!

1 comment:

courtney said...

Yay! Good for you...I should start taking Hanna for longer walks, it's just hard when there is still snow on the ground.


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