5 Year Anniversary Date

Feb 28, 2011

I love busy weekends and I love anniversaries! :p Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary [I can't believe that!] and we had such a fun weekend!

Saturday I got my hair done by Ronnie's sister, Krissy. It was just a simple cut and color but I needed it DESPERATELY. I'm so lucky to have one of the best hairstylists around as my [future] sister-in-law! Seriously, she's amazing! I recommend her to everyone and my best friend Michelle has even started going to her...and she just so happened to call and make an appointment for the same time as mine so Krissy just booked us together. We had a blast doing that!

Ignore the ugly no make-up/puff face..But here's before and after pics...
Before: the top layer of my hair was red which faded to ghetto brown..
Now? A more natural dark brown/light black color...which is always my fave + way easier to maintain!!

Then that evening, Ronnie had made reservations for us at The Melting Pot. *swoon* That is our favorite place ever but too expensive to enjoy but just once a year! ha! It was such a romantical night and we had our fill of cheese, salad, lobster, chicken, duck and other yummy stuff. Who knew a fondue meal could be so filling?! Oy that was a lot of food..But oh that dessert...freaking white chocolate creme brulee, yo! I ache thinking about it because I want it again so badly! ha! [But that was just a "you have to cheat because it's your anniversary" kinda meal..That won't be happening again for a LONG while!].

After dinner, we did our favorite thing which is just driving around! It was such a breezy night so we had the sunroof and windows open, I love that! Then we went home to be with our animal babies. But obviously my FAVORITE part of that night was just being able to hang out with this guy. He's been so busy with school and will be for a long while, so we really enjoyed our free time together.

Then Sunday morning we went to a rainy Farmer's Market with my friend Michelle..We got some goodies there, had a chicken burger at OrderUp [yum!] and then we all met up with Ronnie's sis and her boyfriend to see "Hall Pass". HILARIOUS movie, y'all gotta see it!

Hope y'all had a great weekend too! I'm not happy about it being Monday but I guess I'll just have to deal won't I? :)


Mrs. Lopez said...

Your hair looks great! Glad you had a nice anniversary weekend!

The Branches said...

Awe! Happy Anniversary :) That food looks so good. I've been there ONCE and now you have me craving to go back! gulp!

Jessica Renee said...

Thank y'all so much!! :)

Amanda Roo said...

I have always, always wanted to eat at the Melting Pot! We have one in Albuquerque where I used to live but i've never been. :(

I guess you could say that's another reason to visit SA? We could go together!! lol

Happy Anniversary to you two!

Jessica Renee said...

Amanda, once a month they have a girl's night at the Melting Pot! I've never been but am dying to...Just saying ;)r

amy said...

love the hair!!!


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