Feb 18, 2011

Remember that one time when I had a few anniversary gifts "chosen" for Ronnie and needed help deciding which one to buy? Well, I didn't buy any of the ones I'd posted. ha! Instead I purchased 2 funny tshirts for him that I found online but was pretty dissapointed when I received them in the mail a couple of days ago. To be dramatic, I was dissapointed in MYSELF. They have geeky sayings and are totally him but would be much better as a birthday gift, not for our anniversary! What was I thinking? Ugh.

So I went back to my original plan of buying a print off Etsy and I happened upon the lovely Ashley G's shop and am SO glad I did! She is really creative and has the cutest prints! What sealed the deal was finding US!! The print is called "A Look Only You Would Understand". Oh my heart.

Sure, she doesn't have my glasses but you get the idea :) I am so freaking ecstatic over it and I think he'll really like it! Plus I love the beard in the print and Ronnie's beard is a big deal in our household. [he sometimes gets sick of it but I am full on pro-beard and always nix the shaving!]. I placed my order today and Ashley said it probably wouldn't make it in time for next weekend due to President's day and suggested I upgrade to priority shipping...but since my Paypal was giving me hell and I was forced to check out as a "guest", she just went ahead and upgraded the shipping for me free of charge. I am amazed by her kindness!! Check her shop out, you will die and go to cuteness heaven!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! Some of you probably have 3-day weekends and I promise to at least act like I'm happy for you. Nope, I'm not jealous in any way :)


courtney said... so cute! I just checked out the etsy shop and I love her prints...I need to get the one that says you, me and the dog!

Ariana said...

This is adorable! I am also a beard lover!!! My boyfriend is bearded and I wouldn't have it any other way! So manly :)

Jessica Renee said...

Beards are SUPER manly, I agree! Definitely check out her shop, there's other bearded pics and they're SO cute!


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