To vent or not to vent?

Feb 21, 2011

I realize this is MY blog and I can write about whatever the hell I want to...but I'm struggling with posting something I just wrote up this morning. I want my blog to remain simple and carefree but I have issues I've dealt with for a long time and sometimes just really want to vent.

I have 2 real life best friends but sadly, I can't really talk to them. Only one of the 2 really understands the situation but she's in a new relationship and I don't want to bother her with this right now. Plus we didn't even talk for about 1 year and a half and just recently reconnected so i DEFINITELY don't want to bog her down with my drama right now. The other best friend is sadly becoming less and less of a understanding person and because of this, honestly is becoming less of a best friend. She is the person who "knows everything", even while not understanding or having any clue what it's like to be in your situation. I just want to vent sometimes and not get advice that has a slight undertone of judgement, you know what I mean? Or maybe I'm just crazy and not making any sense. lol.

Either way, I need to vent but I'm afraid of coming off too needy, or crazy, or just flat out depressing. I'm torn. Would it scare all of you away?


Lovin a Farm Boy said...

Nah... You won't scare us off. Blogging itself can be pretty therapeutic, even without any feedback. I say vent, however if this is something that could hurt someone else you might be careful with details.

Jessica Renee said...

Thank you for the advice! I'm still unsure about posting it. I'm sure the person would never see it but still, you NEVER know. Thanks!

courtney said...

vent away! but I agree be careful if you think the person might see can always change some of the details too so it is more vague.

Amanda Roo said...

Oh pssh. My blog can be depressing sometimes I guess but I don't care. You won't scare me if I haven't already scared you. lol

Jessica Renee said...

Thank you ladies!! Good advice :) Still not sure if I'll be posting it.
@Amanda, you're crazy - you are NOT depressing to me at all!


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