A Quick Quickie

Apr 15, 2011

Hiiiiii! I'm rushing around today but I LOVE Meg O.'s Passing Notes Link up so much that I couldn't pass up joining in. You can link up below!

Passing Notes at O. is Me!
I did this really quick so, sorry it's so short! {haha Do you remember writing that on the bottom of your notes? "Sorry So Short"? Love it!}

I'll be gone all day today and tomorrow but will catch up on all your blogs this Sunday. I hate getting so behind!! Oh and I'll also be choosing my giveaway winner on Sunday night. I can't wait!! Don't forget to enter here!

And shout out to my new followers! Thanks SO much! I hope y'all have fun hanging around here! :)

Have a great weekend, lovelies!!


Meg O. said...

Again, love your handwriting! Cute note! I love the doodles. Thanks for linking up with me today! I am so jealous about Fiesta-- sounds like a blast. Have fun!

Amanda said...

Your notes are so pretty & colourful.

Have a great Fiesta weekend!

[SMASH] said...

Have a fun weekend!

Steph said...

Mmmm... beer... hope you had some fun! Your hand writing is great. Way nicer than my chicken scratch, ha!


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