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Apr 14, 2011

AAAGH I have to say this, you guys. Some of y'all don't have your e-mail address shown on your Blogger profile which means I'm unable to respond to your comments by e-mail and this... has me all broken up inside. I appreciate you leaving me comments sooo much and just wanna be able to respond! So if you want your e-mail address shown, it's easy peasy to change that! Just go to your Dashboard, click on Edit Profile, then click on "Show e-mail address" so:

Hit save and you're all done!
Doing this change will also add an e-mail link to your profile, like so:

And then people will be able to respond to your comments by e-mail! It'll be all unicorns and glitter, I swear!

Or maybe you just don't want your e-mail address shown and that's ok too! {obviously. You are your own woman after all!}. I'm just posting this in case you didn't know about it. I didn't know about it either for a long time until a couple bloggers posted this same info on their blogs. And all along, I had no idea why no one ever responded to the comments that I left them :(

I'm not doing because I'm a know-it-all biatch either {I'm really not one}. I'm doing this because I'm selfish, thank you very much. I wanna be able to chat y'all up when you leave me a comment!! :D


Chloe said...

Oh, thank you!!
I didn' know that!!
I've just changed that, so that you can send me e-mails whenever you want! :-)

Just Jinny said...

I didn't know either! Fixed! Yous iz so smart.

Amanda Roo said...

I usually go back if I want to see if anyone responded to my comment. I'm one of those people who doesn't want to share my email addy.... but you know how to get a hold of me. ;)

tara said...

yesssssssss!!!! drives me nuts when ppl dont have their email enabled!

Cole said...

My favorite is when I start to respond to a comment before I realize that it's a non-reply address. Boo. :-(

Meg O. said...

Thank you so much for this! It irritates me when I can't reply via email!

[SMASH] said...

LOL LOL okay I'll go change mine... just for you!

Shoshanah said...

I was so excited when I discovered this! But I love it and use it all the time now


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