Stylish? No! Awards? LOVE!

Apr 14, 2011

Thanks so much Julie @ Life in the fast lane for giving me this award! I'm pretty sure I'm not stylish at all but I'll take it! lol. Jamie just recently started blogging too so check out her blog, she's really sweet! :)

I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself and then award it to 5 stylish blogs that I read sooo...

I'm passing this award on to:

Amanda @ My Show
Amanda Roo @ Just Say With Love

My 7 "Facts":

1. I know ZERO about football. Kind of hard with a fiance {and his family} who live for football. Even my dad and brother are big into football but apparently I missed that memo growing up. lol

2. I get embarrassed dancing in public. Even though I really want to dance and get into the music, I just feel awkward so I sit out :(

3. I LOVE ironing and vacuuming. And yes, I will come to your house and do those chores for you!

4. I obsess over baby names all the time and currently have names that I'm "sure" I'll stick with. {Right.} When we do have kids, I'm ready! name them at least.

5. I met Ronnie online. In 2005 we had both put ads on Yahoo personals and I'd been approached by all kinds of creepos but totally paid attention when I received a message from a cute blue eyed boy who told me in his first message: "If you don't like ME, you'll at least like me for my CD collection"...hahaha. I love that fool :)

6. I love our cat to death but I'm allergic to cats! I can live with her just fine, she just can't spend too much time on my lap and I can't pet her too much or I'll get sneezy and my eyes will turn super itchy and red.

7. I'm anal about grammar and spelling and catch myself proofreading everything I read. And I get really excited if I find an error in an ad or article. It's the little things I guess :p

Hope y'all are having a good Thursday...I'm so glad I'm off tomorrow because I've about had it for the week. I have a lot of not-so-happy stuff on my mind right now so I'm in desperate need of a fun break! I'll be MIA until Sunday or so because I'll be off drinking away my sorrows during Fiesta. haha...Seriously though, have a great weekend and talk to ya soon!

{And don't forget to enter my giveaway by this Sunday!}


[SMASH] said...

Thanks for tagging me -- you're so sweet! :) I met my BF online too and caught his eye with my line about disliking men in tanktops. So random. :) Also, #7 is me too -- former yearbook editor -- holler! [I'm such a geek!]

Meg O. said...

I was like you - knew absolutely nothing about football. But my dear hubby taught me so much and now I actually enjoy watching it from time to time!

Anonymous said...

I love to vacuum!

Ms Kayso said...

I know nothing about football as well. In fact, in high school I was at a game and everyone started cheering so I joined in. And my friend was like, "what are you doing? the other team scored." haha oops.

Slyde said...

i have never once in my life received a stylish award! i call bullshit! :)

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

#3... PLEASE come vacuum!
#4... Also obsessed with baby names. FB and I had a girl name and a boy name picked out before we even got engaged. Being a teacher, there were plenty of names I did not want!

This award post made me realize I never posted the award you gave me last week. oops!

Cecilia Warner said...

wow congrats on your award hon! and thanks for your sweet comment i love to hear from ya{;

TanaLicious said...

You can come to RI and vacuum anytime you'd like for me!!! :) I also obsess over baby names - we should post our favs at some point!! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks :) I love reading the baby announcements in the paper to see what people named their children. I'm quite often seen shaking my head at some of them....

KSK said...

I had a baby girl name picked out for years before we had one, and we shared the names with 'friends'... they ended up having a girl before us, and STOLE our name! I was really bitter for a while.. but I like the new name we picked.. it suits my daughter very well!!!

*Also, I'm very anal about spelling too! (not so much grammar..) I think about writing into places and telling them what they spelled wrong! Haha!

.:Chelsey:. said...

Thank you so much for passing the award along to me. Very sweet. Sorry I just now noticed, but I've been away for a while.


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