Secret Secret, I've got a secret

Apr 9, 2011

Oh it feels good to finally be at home and relaxing, I was on my feet all day! Even if Ronnie is yelling at the Spurs game on TV right now, I'm fine which whatever keeps him out out of my hair. Ok that's mean, I'm just kidding... Or am I.

So today was the "Annual Fiesta shopping trip" with my mom and sis which we do every year at Fiesta time {obvs} and The day was full of laughs, sh*t my mom says, a yummy lunch and we shopped to our little heart's content. Of course we had to include stops to a couple Fiesta stores too...and to our favorite cupcake spot for some red velvet looove. Only thing that got thinner today was my wallet!

The colors and craziness inside one store, Fiesta On Main

love this pic of sister outside Fiesta On Main

I wish I could've taken all of these little guys home :)

mom and sis outside another of our fave stores, On Main Off Main

I found these cards there and this one would for sure get raised plenty in my office. 
Behind the boss' back of course.

But you know what's NOT lame?! 
My exciting exciting secret that I'm going to share on Monday morning!
I hope y'all will check back to find out what it is!

Hope your weekend's been FUN so far!!

{and for crying out loud, I am so embarrassed. I do own other shirts besides just this one. I have one in blue and one in purple and have only worn them each twice but somehow they always end up on this blog.}


Amanda said...

preggers? lol, j/k (unless you are) but that tends to be the question that is asked anytime someone in their 20's says they have news!

Amanda said...

Love the colourful shopping trip :)

Can't wait to see the secret tomorrow!!!

Cole said...

I need that "lame" card for my office!

Can't wait to hear your news!

Amanda Roo said...

You tease! I'll be waiting to find out the news.

Meg O. said...

Not fair! You can't tell us you've got a secret and then not tell! Secrets don't make friends! nana nana boo boo! hehehe

Anyway, lovely photos! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Fiesta in SA. Looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

So suspenseful Jess! I'll be going crazy until said secret is revealed!!

Just Jinny said...

No..I don't think baby. Hhhhmmm...y'all are buying a house? Moving to Austin? Adopting another dog?

amy said...

looking forward to learning your exciting secret!! :)

looks like you guys had a fun weekend!!

[SMASH] said...

Fun shopping! Did I read on your profile that you live in San Antonio? I'm a native Dallasite and I'm so ashamed to say I've never been down there! :oX


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