Summer in April & Free Target!

Apr 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day! I wish I could say I'm going to pull off some elaborate prank or lie, but I'm horrible at that stuff. What will happen is I'll think my plan is sooo clever and sooo hilarious that I'll just end up screwing it up somehow and give myself away immediately. Or of course, bust out laughing the moment I try and pull it off. Yeah, I suck.

But I did seriously think the weatherman was fooling us when he said this morning that temps could reach 90 today!! Yeah I said 90. Oh and don't forget, humid! But he wasn't joking therefore I now hate him. So to those of you up North, I'd love if you could talk to your local weather people to see what they can do about sending some of your cold down our way. Appreciate ya!

Ok, so even though the weather sucks, I have to think happy thoughts. It is FRIDAY after all! And to top that off, yesterday I received my Target $10 gift card in the mail just for signing up for Ebates a couple of months ago. I know, I'm totally late on that bandwagon but I absolutely LOVE that site now! Ronnie thought it was some sort of gimmick but it's FO REAL! I already got a check for close to $20! Now, to just remember to use the site every time I shop.

And the card came at the perfect time because I needed a couple things so I decided to take my happy butt to Target this morning before work and seriously, BEST way to start off the day! And may I also add, Thank you God for inventing Starbuck's inside Target!! That is why Target is officially my home away from home. So with my little ol' $10 gift card I was able to get:

{A few of these bad boys. Seriously the best snack on earth. Check it}

{Some of this stuff which my health nut fiance has demanded recommended I start taking...It's good for my little ol' heart!}

{And of course I got me a yummy drink! I needed something refreshing to handle the heat!}
 {And yes, my mouth really is that big.}

Now go and have a great day! Oh but before you go, let me leave with this quick tip: DO NOT fall for any of the fake "I'm pregnant!" announcements today. But if it turns out that person really is pregnant and you blew them off, it's their own fault for choosing today to announce it. No, that's never happened to me or I anyone I know.

Happy Friday, y'all!! :D


Anonymous said...

Ahh Starbucks in Target is amazing. And for the weather...I'll be getting a nice warm Caramel Apple Spice (of course) because our current temp. is 43 degrees...brrrrrrr!

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

Apparently, I'm late on the bandwagon too. I don't even know what Ebates are! I'm headed there to investigate now.


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