Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Apr 5, 2011

Ok ok I wasn't going to do more than 1 post today but Tail Wagging Tuesday is too cute to pass up!

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I am full on obsessed with my animals. I'm still so far from thinking babies so these animals have definitely become my babies! 

So today I'm supposed to choose my most favorite picture of my pet which is crazy hard! But to choose just one, I HAVE to go back to baby pics...Don't you wish all babies could stay this teeny?!!

Frasier & Niles - about 6 months old!
I can't even get over how small and wrinkly they were :( 

And I know this mostly has to do with the doggies but I can't forget
our first "child", Sibley!
 Sibley as a little baby...She used to sit like that all the time. Sigh.

Oh...I think it's time for a new baby animal...{I wish!}
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CMae said...

Thank you so much for playing along! :)

Emily Ann said...

Such adorable fur babies!

Anonymous said...

haha your pups look so innocent! :)

Sarah Beth said...

your babies are so cute! Thanks for following me! Have a good day!!


*Kelly* said...

So cute....LOve the Frasier names.

Anonymous said...

oh.my.goodness that's the cutest little kitty! So precious!

amy said...

so cute!

Melissa said...

Cute pups! Love to see everyone pets! I am your newest follower!


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