Top 2 Tuesday

Apr 5, 2011

I had no idea there were so many link up options for Tuesday! I don't wanna get crazy though so I chose to participate in this one today because music is my favorite topic. This is the first time I'm linking up and you can do the same here!

I actually don't have an Ipod {I know, crazy} but I keep all of my music on my amazing little Android phone. I love that thing so much!!

My #1 song is definitely "Money Grabber" by Fitz & The Tantrums...
I actually posted it here the other day because -shocker- I was listening to it at that time and wanted to share it. Anyway, you could say I am majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with this band.* The horns really do it for me :) I'm going to see them in Austin on April 19th and I.cannot.freaking.wait!

#2 is "Don't Look Back" by She & Him. I'm sure many of you have heard it but it's one of my faves. I can have this one on repeat all night {before Ronnie would finally kill me!}. The songs are just so unique and her voice is the sweetest! In my dreams, I am Zooey Deschanel :)

And thanks for all the comments on both posts yesterday, y'all are the BEST. I've always been that girl with guy friends so being in the bloggy world now, I have met so many amazing ladies. This makes me super happy :)

Now, to just get through a bit of drama here at work, and I'll get to go home and relax...How's your day been so far??

Happy Tuesday!!

*oh yeah...know where that's from?? :) I think of this phrase every time I'm "in love" with something! ha!


Anonymous said...

are you being Stanley today? hehe :)

Kit said...

I love these!!! Great picks!

Anonymous said...

great picks
stopping by from TOP TWO TUESDAY!
Isn't it SO fun!

please stop by and say hi


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