I hope Mariah and Leeann can forgive me.*

Oct 18, 2011

*No I don't mean Mariah Carey or Leeann Rimes. I'm talking about way more awesome real life ladies.

To start off, let me introduce myself. My name's Jessica and I'm probably the worst person/blogger ever. Let me tell you why.

Last month, I signed up to participate in Leeann's blog swap at Join The Gossip. I got paired up with the sweet Mariah at Mind of Mister and was so excited to get started! I had so much fun shopping for the goodies and then finally sent them off to California!

What I totally forgot about was that by the time her package would make it to my house, I would be 2 days into my 2 week work trip. Crap.

So I had to have Ronnie open the package and text me a picture. Of course, he didn't care to take the greatest picture because he didn't get what a big deal this was. Hello, I needed to blog about it! He sent me the picture (you'll see it below) and I was so excited about all the fun things she had sent!

Here's the bad part. By the time I got home, I was so freaking wiped that I totally forgot to blog about it. So here I am, a month later, finally blogging it. I feel horrible :( I hope Mariah and Leeann can forgive me. Do me a favor and please check out their blogs if you're not already following them!! They're great girls!

First off, here's the adorable notecard Mariah included listing all the items she sent me:

She doesn't even know me but it's like she KNOWS ME. Crazy.

Awesome chapstick, Cadbury chocolate, nail polish (baby colors!), MY FAVORITE MASCARA EVER and a Starbuck's gift card?!

Oh yeah, DOG TREATS too!!

Just going over the stuff again makes me feel even worse that I didn't post this on time.

(here's the crappy pic Ronnie took. He didn't even set this shiz up!)

So please, please swing by and tell Mariah hi!!
And tell her I'm not usually this awful.


Cole said...

You're awesome, and I bet they'll both understand. Mariah got you some really good stuff. She has good taste!

Christina said...

Awww, I think everyone will understand. Great gifts! I’m going to check out Mariah's blog now.

ashley.warner said...

how cute!
i am going to check out her bloggy blog right now!!!!!

KSK said...

Cute gifts! :)
I always wanted to do one of these swap thingys... but I'd be too lazy to finish it ... At least you have a good excuse! I'm sure they'll understand! *play the pregnancy card! forgetfulness AND exhaustion? PLAY IT! ;)

Anonymous said...

How fun! Lots of great goodies! You're not a bad blogger. Can't we blame the forgetfulness on the pregnancy brain? My kid's 18 m/o and I've still got it!

Jean said...

that was sweet of ronnie though... but knowing how we blog, yeah... lol.

what an awesome new friend!
i'll have to check them out :)

M.R. said...

You are too funny! I told you not to stress out about this- you have BEYOND more than a lot on your plate right now! I'm glad you got the package in one piece. Thank you for the very sweet post. I felt the same way when I got yours- how did she know? :-)
Congrats on your baby girl too- that's so exciting! Now that you know you can start all the planning and buying and only seeing pink for the next 18+ years!
Thanks for sending your readers over- I appreciate it!

Sincerely, Mariah Carey (HA!)

Meg O. said...

How fun!!! I have never done a swap before... sounds like a lot of fun!


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