Getting Crafty in November

Nov 4, 2011

All day yesterday I thought it was Friday. I was ancy with excitement all day for some unknown reason, like a kid the day before she's going on a field trip. ha! (Tell me I'm not the only one who used to get THAT excited about them!?). Ok I'm a weirdo. But since it is now actually Friday, whoop whoop! Work's been sooo slow (allowing for some Pinterest time. Shhh!) and baby girl's been kicking like crazy so there's lots to be happy about!

Speaking of happy, we close on our house and move in just TWO WEEKS! So to start me on my way to being Suzy Homemaker (maybe), I started a list of crafty and yummy goals I want to tackle once we get into our house. For those who don't know this, I am the least crafty person you will ever meet. Oh yeah, I don't know how to cook either. I blame it on being a perfectionist - if there's even a chance at messing something up like in crafts or with cooking, I tend to shy away from it. Like that shirt I made for Halloween? That about killed me. I couldn't get it perfect and nearly lost my shit a few times. Silly, no? But I intend to change my ways, especially now that I'm going to be a homeowner. And a mom too!

(Guess where I got all my ideas? DUH.)

Here's the to-do list for November!

It's just rolled up gift wrap! Hello! I have tons of that. Easy peasy.

I've always wanted a ton of colorful vases so I'm loving the idea of just making them,
especially some pretty red and bright green ones!

I am craving this LIKE WHOA. Skinny chicken and tomato pasta.
Not Christmas-ey in any way but it looks damn good.

I most certainly will sacrifice my hot bod and eat tons of
Pringles just to get some cute Christmas gift packaging!
(Oh yeah, I'll bake cookies to put in those bad boys too!)

If it has twinkle lights, it has my name written all over it!
I fully intend to hang up our Christmas cards like this.
(Speaking of which, wanna exchange cards this year? E-mail me!)

Ice cream? In an apple? With caramel topping?
This is happening.

That's all for now! I'm sure this list is child's play for most of y'all but seriously, these are big steps for me! I can hardly freaking wait to be back in our own place so I can get started and finally have some peace and quiet...until the baby gets here at least ;)

Enjoy your weekend, pretties! And if you have any more easy-ish ideas or recipes for me, go on and share!


Jean said...

LOL! I was thinking how busy I have been, I might skip on Thanksgiving & start crafting for Christmas! I want to do more! I really do! We've been here 3 yrs and I am terrible!!! I'm not the type to really fancy my house. As long as it's clean & neat, I am content. The craft list you have is super cute! Might have to steal some of it :)

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. I'm so going to try to make those apples. I love the Pringle's can for cookies. What a cute idea!

Christina said...

I’m right there with you. I can’t craft. I can’t cook. But I’m totally stealing the Pringles cookie holder idea! And that caramel apple ice cream looks so good and cute!

Kasey said...

I love all those crafts! And the food. Looks delicious. YUM.

I am totally with you on being a perfectionist. I get so pissed when I'm trying to do something and it doesn't work. It's pretty bad.

Cole said...

I love twinkle lights!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never know what day it is either. :p

That pasta and those apple thingys look delish. OMG I want them NOW!

ashley.warner said...

that caramel apple looks so delish!!!! i want to make oneeee - my roomie told me about it.

and i also love that christmas tree made from paper :)

KSK said...

I like that vase idea! I have a few I could do that to! :)

moderndaywife said...

Those are all great ideas, love the card hanging lights and the apples oh my!!!

Jamie said...

That pasta looks AMAZING!

Suze said...

How exciting to become a homeowner in just two short weeks! Have tons of fun moving in and getting settled!

I'm also kind of in love with twinkle lights

Meg O. said...

The pringles can idea is genius!!


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