Fun With Our Phones Monday!

Nov 7, 2011

Happy Monday!I hope y'all had a great weekend :)

Linking up again with Savanah today for:

Thanks to Klout, I got my Moo MiniCards last week and they really are teeny tiny!

Sent this to a friend to whine about how my view is now blocked by a half wall
and a desk for the new person they haven't even hired yet! GRRR. 

My Frasier boy loooves him some Aunt Jeena. He's always with her :)

Liking my new nail color (I NEVER use dark colors!).
Zoya - Yara

Saw this at Earl of Sandwich the other day and it looked yummy then..
Today it makes me wanna gag. ha! #preggoproblems

My belly while sitting at work the other day. The girl is getting bigger!
(And yes, I do take my shoes off as soon as I get to work. ha!)

That same day, I took a self protrait because I never do those anymore.
Don't mind the boobage. Yet another one of my #preggoproblems.

Great things going on this week!
Best of all, today's our final walk through at the house! :D

If you entered our Fall Swap, the deadline to ship out your partner's package
is this Friday, Nov. 11th!
If you have any questions, please let me or Ashlee know!!

Have a great day, girlies!


Anonymous said...

hi fraiser!!!

also, your nail color is perfect for fall!
your belly is just darling.
and...your cleavage is pretty darling too ;)

moderndaywife said...

Great cell pics! Good luck with the walk through I loved going to ours but it took forever lol :-)

Jean said...

as soon as my preschoolers fall asleep for their nap, i take my shoes off. you're lucky you could do that all day, LOL!

the day is getting closer!! final walk thru.. yay!!! i am so excited for you guys! :) :) :)

and i know, i haven't done a self-portrait in a while either.

Cole said...

Boo to having your view blocked. Hopefully, whoever they hire will be worth it. :-)

Hi Frasier! Aren't you a cute boy!

Your belly pic is adorable. I used to take my shoes off as soon as I got to work too.

Miranda said...

such cute mini cards :) also i have the same pregnant boobage problem...there was no containing those beasts! #thejoysofpregnancy

Kristine said...

AH! Weiner dog mamas unite! Our doxies look a lot alike! :) Don't you just love them? ♥

Anonymous said...

AW look at your baby bump! So cute! Loving the nail polish color!

Heather said...

Love your nail color! And your baby bump is too cute.

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Your adorable! Love the nails and the belly =)

Meg O. said...

Grow baby, grow!!! I am so excited for you and the house! Such good news!

Kristen @ GDS Confessions said...

I love that nail color on you! I just started taking care of my nails (trying to quit the biter in me) and I love the dark colors... I just picked up a silvery gray and a dark eggplant for fall. Loves it! Can't believe your bump- I don't want to freak you out, but if it were me I would be FREAKIN OUT MANNNN! lol said...

I love that nail color!

and taking your shoes off is totally understandable...I do it too and I'm not Preggo!!!

sarah said...

such a fun idea! i just did a photo clear out on my fb the other day to empty out my memory.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute polish color!
Love that calander shot..yay for final walk throughs :)
Have a GREAT day!

Mrs. W. said...

Look at your cute belly!

And I'm not sure if I ever congratulated you on the house, but in case I didn't, congratulations!! It's so exciting!

Suze said...

I'm sorry about your view! That would really irk me too.

Using the planner- nicely done! :D Enjoy the FINAL WALKTHROUGH- hooray!

KSK said...

:) Final walkthrough!!! :) So exciting! :)

SweetWahine said...

I was making my rounds and found your blog!! <3 Officially now following <3 I love this post! I'm always taking pictures of the most random stuff! lol...


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