Thankful Thursday

Nov 10, 2011

I've seen this topic floating around in blog world but is there an actual link up for it? Who knows. I'm gonna talk about it anyway!

Today...and pretty much ALWAYS...I am thankful for MY FAMILY.

Ronnie. He is my rock and my best friend. He makes me laugh like no other and I hope our daughter gets his goofy personality. I truly can't imagine my life without him!

Baby Girl. I'm already so in love with her and we feel even more like a family knowing she's on her way :)

Frasier, Niles & Sibley, our first babies. I cried this morning on the way to work (yeah I'm pregnant, remember?) just thinking about them not being around one day. I know pets are only here a short time so I cherish every single moment with them and every single slobbery kiss.


My parentals. They may drive me crazy sometimes but they are good hearted people who always put family first. Without them allowing us and our animals to take over their house for a few months, we wouldn't have been able to buy a house so soon!

My siblings. Again, our parents drive us crazy sometimes so what's better than having these people to lean on, right? :) I would pretty much do anything for these two.

I won't post all of their pictures of Ronnie's family (because there's so many in his immediate family!) but I'm always grateful for them. They've welcomed me into their family from day one. No drama, no questions asked. They've been extra supportive during this house buying experience and I love them for that!

I'm sure for most it's a given that you're thankful for your family but sometimes you just need a reminder to tell them just how much you love them! We're moving out of my parent's house next week and while I'm excited to get into our OWN house, I'm a little sad over not being able to hang out with them every day. Some days it was too much and some days it was just what I needed. I'll forever be grateful for all of these crazy people in my life!!

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Have a great Thursday :)


Meg O. said...

What a sweet post. You are surrounded by such amazing people!!

moderndaywife said...

All wonderful things to be thankful for girl :-)

Miranda said...

how sweet :) you guys have a name picked our for your baby girl? even tho i'm not pregnant every once in a while i think of my dogs not being here and it makes me cry :( why do animals have such short lives?!

Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

You are too cute! Sometimes I cry when I think about my dog's short lives... and I'm NOT pregnant hehe. Beautiful post, darlin. I'm excited to see your new place!

sarah said...

i wondered too about a link up, so i just did it anyway :) it's a good thought to remember to be thankful every single day instead of just on thanksgiving. loved your post

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

sweet post :) that love for your baby girl? yeah it only gets stronger and stronger, I swear some days I worry I am just going to eat my baby up haha.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw that's a lot to be thankful for :)

Cole said...

Thinking about a day where Meadow & Beckett aren't here makes me weepy too...and I can't blame pregnancy hormones! :-)

You and Ronnie are going to be awesome parents! And Frasier, Niles & Sibley will be her little protectors.

Jean said...

oh yeah, family is so lovely! so very blessed to have a great family <3

Christina said...

What a great family! My family is really close too and we tend to forget how important that is. Some people don't have it so easy.

Mrs. W. said...

What a nice post!

And I get all weepy when I think about losing my doggy, too. Those pups need to learn to live forever!


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