Preggo Stuff - 35 Weeks

Jan 26, 2012

Happy Thursday, cupcakes! :) (mmm doesn't one sound good right now? :)

I'm currently at 35 1/2 weeks and starting to get nervous. Shit's about to get real! haha. I'm excited about getting my girl, the only part that worries me is the labor and delivery. I'm hoping and praying I luck out and it's a quick process because I just want that part over and done with!

Ronnie took my picture last night when we were just hanging out. Jammies and all! My face is definitely getting more swollen looking lately as are my feet and ankles. But I know those will return to normal in just a few short weeks!

Updates in Week 35:
  • According to, baby girl is measuring over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (pick up a honeydew melon).

  • I've definitely noticed how big she's getting. I'm feeling the most pressure I've ever felt and it's even getting hard to walk. Rolling over in bed and getting up off the floor is so painful and isn't a pretty sight either. We laugh because Ronnie's always having to help me get up. It's sweet though :)

  • New, exciting symptom - itchy skin. I've read about pregnant women getting itchy on their belly and breasts but I feel itchy EVERYWHERE. Mostly on my hips, belly, lower back and thighs. It's so weird and frustrating.

  • Charlie Horse cramps are NOT my friend and have been hanging around too much lately. In fact, my left calf is still sore after I got a cramp two nights ago. They've been pretty frequent and I'm so tired of them! I will say though I've become a pro at getting rid of them quickly!

  • I'm still addicted to water and fruit but my latest craving is Gatorade! Because of the cramps, Ronnie mentioned maybe needing more electroytes. When he said that it felt like I've been missing out on Gatorade my entire life, that's how intense the craving was. ha! I've drank a couple this week and they were so good.

  • I finally hit total nesting mode. Kinda funny that it kicked in when I'm at my slowest! Last night I tore through all the gifts we've received so far and boxes of random baby stuff and organized it all! I did two little loads of her little clothes which now smell like heaven and her room is finally clean! The house as a whole is looking great too!

  • Once and for all, I decided what to do with the nursery. Again, this is happening so late but whatever. We can do it! :) Ronnie's on board with my ideas and we're gonna start Sunday. My mom even "intervened" and put a stop to my back and forth on the bedding and is just going to make it for me, I just have to choose fabric. Halleluyer!

  • I'm SO excited for my first shower this Saturday! A few of my closest friends and most of my huge family will be there so I think it's gonna be a lot of fun! I'm so grateful for all these wonderful people in our lives who are just as excited for Miss V!

  • Last but not least, irritability is at an all-time high. I feel like if anyone tries to mess with me, I will not hold back. I've always kinda been like that but it's even worse now. It seems my "balls" have gotten bigger during pregnancy. ha!

Thanks for reading along all this time...Just a few more weeks and you'll be done looking at my big belly and hearing my complaints! :p Have a great day!


Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Ahhh love your cute baby bump can't believe you are sooo close girl looking great! :-)

Jessica said...

You look incredible!! And that's so sweet that your mom is going to make Baby Girl's bedding! :)

Chloe Deverill said...

You look great!!
Can't wait to see the nursery!! Are you going to post pictures?

Faith said...

hehe, you are so funny! nothing wrong with big balls, haha ;)

i am so intrigued by this nesting bug. every prego woman says it, hehe. i can't wait to see her nursery! and how neat is it that your mom is going to make her bedding so sweet.

and hope all the swelling and pain goes down ... but you are getting so close!

happy 35 1/2 weeks!

Faith said...

p.s. i want a cupcake now.

Christina said...

Awww, I love that she’s going to have custom bedding! I remember my skin itching like crazy. It got really dry too, which I blamed on the winter, but it hasn’t really gone back to normal yet. Hormones!!! Have fun at your shower this weekend!

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

it's getting so close! Excited for you and sending happy thoughts of a swift, easy delivery!

Holly said...

Awe, clean tiny clothes!

She will be here before you know it!

amy said...

As always, you and your baby bump look adorable!!!!

Asha said...

You have THE cutest baby bump! Only a few more weeks, girlie! :)
I can't wait to see how great your shower turns out!

Miranda said...

oh man i had the itchy skin and the charlie horses like crazy! it was horrible! have fun at your shower and good luck on the nursery! can't wait to see pictures!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Gotta love the pregnancy "balls!" LOL

Mrs. Pancakes said...

just came across your blog...congrats!!

Anonymous said...

You look great! So exciting about your first shower! Can't wait to see your baby loot. Haha

Heather said...

Oh gosh, I'm already having trouble getting out of bed...I'm not looking forward to 10 weeks from now!!

You look great! I can't wait to see nursery pics!

Jean said...

"bigger balls" -you're so funny!

Suze said...

You look soooo cute!

Have fun at your shower. :) Prayers for a quick, painless delivery! No matter what, you know when you hold that baby girl at the end, it's going to be worth it!

Savanah said...

awww you look great!!!! only 5 more weeks!

Anonymous said...

OMG you are adorable and beautiful at the same time! :)

For the itchy skin, I LOVED (and still do!) Bath and Body Works aromatherapy sugar scrub in lavendar chamomile. The scent is really relaxing and you just scrub it all over and it really makes your skin feel better.

Ha! I craved Gatorade, too...and fruit and juice. Like crazy!

I'm so happy for y'all! :)

P.S. I DO want a cupcake, darnit. And I love that you mentioned "cojones". Ha! You totally do get more "oomph" when you're preggers. Like, "I'm not gonna take no shit!"

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

So much closer! I hope you have a wonderful shower!! Can't wait to (hopefully) read about it :)

Sarah said...

You look great! I can't wait to see what you do with the nursery!

BG said...

i'm right there with you on the labor and delivery part. SO SCARY. but i keep being told it's worth it ;)

you look great, lady! :)

Kodi said...

I found you from Tales of a Small Town Girl and I'm so glad I did!:)

Have a wonderful weekend!
<3your newest follower,

Mrs. W. said...

Looking good, girl!

Ways we're the same this week: leg cramps, nesting, & irritability. I feel you!!! :)

So glad you figured out the nursery! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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