Better late than never, right?

Jan 28, 2012

You know that post that's been going around where you have to list random facts about yourself and then tag people and ask them questions? I'm an awful person because I totally haven't kept up with that and I've been tagged 6 times! Which would mean I'd have to overload y'all with way too many facts about myself.

Instead! Wanna know 25 random facts about me?

Today I did my first guest post ever, over at Amy's blog,
Tales of a Small Town Girl!  I'd love if y'all would swing by and check out her blog and my random facts!

Sorry this is so late too, today was baby shower day so my mind was pretty occupied! :/


bride4life said...

Hey, just read your random facts. You said you are a movie wiz. If I asked you a scene from a movie would you be able to tell me what movie it was? I have a reason why I am asking this.

Dana Richards said...

How fun, love reading stuff like that about people and getting to know them more!

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Such a cute post, can't believe you have NEVER had a pedi or a massage craziness! I also a pro at Craigslist, love it! Hope you had an awesome shower :-)

sarah said...

i love random facts posts :) i got tagged in one and still haven't done it yet (baddd blogger)

but i love that you and ronnie met on yahoo personals!

Asha said...

Love your random facts post...and loved even more that they really were RANDOM facts and not just the stuff people could guess about you after a 5-minute conversation, haha!


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