Baubles Before Baby

Feb 24, 2012

Thank you 100x over for all the sweet comments yesterday. I'm not feeling so hot lately with gaining 19 lbs. and while I *know* that's not a lot, being an overweight girl to begin with, it's been killer. I never appreciated my plus sized pre-baby body but now I'm just dying to get back there! and then lose some more of course...which only makes me think of SHOPPING!!

I've been dying to buy some cute Spring clothes but I know I should wait until my body adjusts to well, whatever it's going to look like after this baby girl is outta mah belly! I know I won't go back to my usual squishy self, this will be a totally different squishy self! ha! So I'm gonna hold off on buying clothes and for now just stock up on my favorite thing to shop for, jewelry! Jewerly is something that looks great no matter your size ;)
So all of the stuff I'm eyeing right now is from Bauble Bar. They did not ask me to post this, I'm only doing it because I love the products on their site! If you aren't signed up, do it now. The prices are so affordable AND you'll get $10 off your first order!

And if you didn't already know, I'm obsessed with COLOR. And as a kid of the 80's, I tend to lean towards neons a lot and Bauble Bar actually has a neon section that is to die check these babies out! ;)

Crayola Links Necklace $26
I used to have one just like this but have no idea where it went so I might need to replace it with this one! :p

I'd love this with a "V"! The colors are customizable too!

This I am just fully obsessed with!! They have a few different colors and I would love one with baby girl's initials.
I'm still loving the double ring look and this one's pretty edgy which I like ;)

These are SO 80's right? Love it! They come in pink too.

It's like a grownup version of those corded friendship bracelets from back in the day. LOVE!

These necklaces are everywhere lately and I've been wanting one so bad!

Love the chunky stones in this one! It comes in pink/orange too.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of neon??

There's more where that came from so go sign up and start shopping!
Tell your hubbies I said it was ok ;)


Lauren H. Edmondson said...

LOVE that turquoise "crayola links" necklace. that should be your "push present" :)

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

These pieces are way too cute, I need that monogram necklace..maybe for my birthday in April :-)

Christina said...

I love the first one! I'm a fan of bright accessories since I typically wear black, navy and brown.

Cori H. said...

I'm obsessed with Bauble Bar. I could seriously buy out that store if I had a ridiculous amount of money. My faves are the monogram necklace and the phospho!

Mrs. W. said...

Very cute! I love that last piece - the cuff. I think jewelry is a great way to pamper yourself while you wait for Baby V. :)

Meg O. said...

Um... I kind of love EVERYTHING in this post. I need jewelry like crazy.

Kristin said...

I bought the first necklace in green and pink for gifts and my bestie and mama LOVED them!


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