My First Babies

Feb 15, 2012

Last week Elizabeth posted pictures of her fur baby Peyton as a little baby and it took me back to when our fur babies were brand new and how cute and teeny they were!! I don't miss the potty/litter training part but I definitely miss them being so small and cuddly!

As I get closer to my due date, I wonder what things will be like with the fur babies when our REAL baby is here. I know we'll always love them and give them attention no matter what but it's gonna be an adjustment for sure. I just can't wait for the day that Baby V actually pays attention to them and loves them as much as we do! So take the trip down memory lane with me and let's look at some baby pics!!

Our first born (ha!), Sibley "May May"
Born April 2006

Not sure where the May May came from but it's pretty much all we call her now :) A co-worker of mine was giving away her cat's kittens and I knew Ronnie had really been wanting a cat. He was in his own apartment at that point so I figured it was the perfect time. When I went to choose a kitten after work, I texted him some pics and he fell for the big headed little girl :)

This was the original ad my coworker posted...How freaking cute, right?

It didn't take long for her to grow into (outgrow, really) that big head of hers!
We love our fiesty plus size girl ;)

Next up, Niles "Nigh Nigh"
Born Oct. 2007

Ronnie comes from a dachshund loving family so he totally sold me on them when we finally decided to get our first dog. One day driving by our local grocery store's parking lot we saw dachshunds being sold. I hate to admit now that this is where we got him but the moment we stopped "just for a look" there was no turning back. I completely fell in love with the teeny runt of the litter, who they had named Oscar. He came home with us just an hour later :)

The little runt turned into (what my brother calls him) "Flex Buff Chest"!
 He's now our tough little guy whose "buff chest" drags on the ground! <3

And last but not least, Frasier "Fray Fray"
Also born Oct. 2007

In Feb. 2008 we decided Niles had way too much energy and needed a playmate. This time we wanted to look for a rescue so when Ronnie happened upon an ad on Craiglist from a lady who just wanted to give away this little four month old dog, he knew something was up and immediately went to get him. When he got to the lady's house, Frasier ran up to him as if he wanted out of there! I remember Ronnie calling me saying "I got him, babe. He's ours! That evil lady didn't like him and said he wasn't good enough to mate!". WTF. So we feel like we did rescue him, especially since he came with some issues. We think she either ignored him the whole time he was there and/or abused him. It took a while but he's definitely much better now! :)

That poor little boy who used to be afraid of everyone is now our guard dog!
 His eyes are still as sweet as ever and he is hands down the best cuddler of the bunch.

I love my fur babies!! <3

Any advice from you moms out there with pets??
Our pets don't have agressive personalities in any way so I'm not worried about them with the baby. I'm just really curious how adjusting worked out for you!


Asha said...

I'm such a weiner dog lover too! We went through similar happenstances when it came to getting our puppies! The first dachshund we bought off of our neighbor (she was sooo cute!) and the second one we rescued also. I completely understand how it's hard to gain their trust but once you do, the love you receive from them is amazing! :)

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Oh man your pets are sooo cute girl, love all the sweet pictures :-) Dachshunds are precious!! We almost got one when we were looking for a pet but decided on a yorkie ;-)

Mrs. W. said...

Awww, I love your babies! The tiny dachshund paws are killing me. And poor Frasier - my pup was also a rescue and I suspect he was abused, too. Definitely gave him some issues, but we love him! :)

Katie said...

I love your fur family! Cesar Milan has a great section in one of his books about preparing your fur-kids for your new baby. I don't have kids, but I have a friend who used it when she had her baby, and it seemed to work really well.

Monica said...

Awww they are so cute!

Cole said...

I love the stories of how you got your fur-babies! The tiny doxie paws just SLAY me. Soooo cute.

Miranda said...

love seeing kittens and adorable! i think i was lucky in the pet department when my son came home. they tried to lick him or they ignored him. they did have to adjust to not snuggling with us as much because the baby was there but it didn't take long. i always felt bad how less attention they were getting but a new baby is adjustment for everyone! hope they do good :)

Christina said...

So sweet! I love the big-headed kitten! When we brought our babies home B just wanted to be near us ALL THE TIME, but he didn’t really have anything to do with them. We didn’t have any problems until they were old enough to grab ears and pull his tail. Just try to give your pets as much attention as you can. It’ll be hard, but they’ll appreciate it.

Jean said...

wish we could have fur babies.. but the bf is allergic and me slightly :/ super cute.

Holly said...

Your furbabies are so sweet! I'm sure they will do just fine when the little one arrives!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness they are all so cute. Looking at baby pictures of fur babies is so much fun!

Faith said...

your fur babies are so adorable. i love looking at pictures of my cat when he was a kitten. makes me smile every time!

Savanah said...

awww, you know I love the kitty pics :)
I hope that everything works out with the new baby and the furbabies! I worry about that for when we have kids. Hopefully they will all get along and the furbabies will love her and be good big siblings! :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Cuteness OVERLOAD!!

I wish I had advice, but I am babyless lol :)

Chloe Deverill said...

I love this post!
Love getting to know more about your pets! They are so cute!

x.Natalie's Blog.x said...

I love your fur babies!
My fur baby is a long haired Dachshund called Baxter :)

So cute xox

RAY J said...

We were a bit worried about how Tiger would react when we brought Jay home as the only times she's been near tiny humans she usually runs off and hides.

Some tricks that seemed to prepare her that something was happening was that we set up Jay's space in our apartment (ie: his bassinet and all that jazz) so she could get used to some of the stuff being around.

When we 1st came home, she was curious but kept her distance too, never getting too close to Jay - they say that it's good to have whoever is taking care of the pets while you're in the hospital bring home a hat or blankie or something with the baby's scent on it so the animals have a chance to get used to it at least.

Tiger did get a bit stressed though, as we had Jay and then 2 months later moved into a decent size house compared to our now cramped 1 bedroom apartment. She wasn't fixed at the time so she acted out by peeing all over the furniture (including our brand new loveseat we bought after we moved!), marking HER territory. We got her fixed though and that solved that problem. She's since adjusted to life with Jay and her new home and they "play" now that he's older and active - she loves taunting him, trying to make him chase her only for her to eventually go somewhere out of reach or she'll hang out on the basement stairs and he'll make a game of throwing his toys at her through the gate and her jumping around on them, dodging getting hit - it's pretty funny!

Jay also LOVES playing with the dogs at my parent's house - they have a small/medium terrier and my sister and her fiance's miniature Australian shepherd is there most of the time now too. He gets ahold of their dog toys and plays with them, all them pulling the toys off each other, or Jay grabbing one away and running off with it while the dogs chase after - it's pretty funny! He gets this annoyed look on his face though when one of them isn't paying attention and bumps into him, knocking him on his butt - it's really cute and funny!


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