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Jul 31, 2012

-Can you believe tomorrow is AUGUST? It gets me excited for Fall. Like goosebumps excited. I can't wait to have my house smelling so cinnamon-ey all the time and I can't wait to be able to take Violet out on nightly, breezy walks. I'm getting tingly just typing this.

-It's still hot as shit though and will be for a long while so I really need more summery clothes. I lost 10 lbs. after the pancreatitis debacle and my usual size was already feeling big so now I think I need a size smaller. woohoo! I'm seriously eyeing this dress from Target (in both colors!) and these new tops at Old Navy.

-Which reminds me, don't get an Old Navy credit card unless you have self control and won't buy everything in sight just because you now have the card. Just saying, I know of a girl who's done that.

-I was reaquainted with this song the other day and can't stop listening to it yet again. If you listen in, the actual song starts at 1:30 and is just the best. I catch myself humming it to Violet all the time now <3

-There are just 49 days until my 30th birthday. Happy for the celebration and giftage, sad because I'm leaving behind my 20s. No big deal.

-I'm finally meeting my bloggy friend KERBI tonight!!! There are so few SA bloggers (that I've found at least) so I'm glad to have such a sweet friend nearby and I mean, really nearby. We live like 10 minutes from each other! Tonight we dine on Mexican food and drink margaritas!

-Ronnie always texts me random pictures of V during the day and I got this one yesterday with the message "Twins". Pay no attention to my lovely face, mid talking. But we are kinda twinsies, no?



Suze said...

I'm really, really excited about fall too. Nick is just a week old, and last night I was discussing Halloween costumes. :) What is Violet going to be?! That will be so fun. Fall is my favorite time of year.

Have fun with your blogger friend! I have never met another blogger. I think that would be cool.

And you are totally twins!

Cole said...

Thanks for linking to the song. I love it! And could never figure out it's name!

Not going to lie...slightly jealous that you and Kerbi get to meet up. :-) Have fun, ladies!!!!

Lauren said...

Have fun at your blogger meetup :-) I love that dress(s) from Target!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I got SOOOO excited just reading the things you were describing about fall! I can't wait for my house to smell like cinnamon and to be able to walk outside when it's not 100+ degrees!!!

Monica said...

Haha you two are twins!

Anonymous said...

I'm so ready for fall too! I was just talking at work today that I'm excited about scarves and sweaters. You two really do look like twins!

RAY J said...

LOLOL at the Old Navy card!

I feel the EXACT same way - I've spent more money there in the past 3 months or so than I normally would have, all because I have the card and take advantage of 10% off Tuesdays for Cardholders as well as the recent 40% off everything for Cardholders sale they had a few weeks ago!

I think I'm done buying from there until we get into the thick of fall ;-)

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

omg the big 3-0! So exciting and girl I have been STALKING the Old Navy website lately waiting for everything I want to go on sale haha

Tricia said...

1. Lovers Carvings is one of my favorite songs right now! I downloaded it and have it on REPEAT! That is so weird that you've rediscovered it recently too! Great minds must think a lot.
2. I love me some fall. And while I've visited my classroom already twice, I don't think I'm quite ready to get into school mode yet. Summer for like 2 more weeks? Then let the cinnamon and pumpkin candles be lit and the apple picking commence!

Christina said...

Soooo excited for fall. I already started baking fall desserts! Yay for weight loss! Not because of pancreatitis, but a least something good came from it. Haha. I have an ON card too. While I love the perks (that cash back adds up fast) I use it as a free pass to buy whatever I want, whenever I want. Oops. Hope you had fun with your blog buddy! I hope we get to meet one day! No joke, I was talking to my mom about where Jacob and I want to go next and she suggested SA! She’s been a few times and loves it there.

Asha said...

Violet really does look SO much like you! And congrats on losing more weight (even though I'm sure you hated every minute of the process!) And I could never get an old navy card because I would end up just like that girl you know ;)

Mrs. W. said...

You are definitely twins!!!

And thus begins our fall disagreements. ;) I am so sad summer is almost over!!!!

Jean said...

time does fly by.... i can't believe summer is almost over. :(


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