Polish Swap Goodies!

Aug 1, 2012

Nail Polish Swap
I was so excited when I found out about this swap because like everybody else and their mother, I'm hooked on nail polish! And sidenote: the last swap I signed up for was last December and I totally got burned in that one so I was hesitant to get back into swapping. I'm so glad I did though because it has restored my faith in the swap! ha.

My swap partner was Amy of At The Pink of Perfection and I'm really happy I was introduced to her awesome blog...and to her of course! :)
First off - REALLY? How cute is this "Nail Mail" card she made?
And her pretty business card! Love it.
So excited about this package!
3 nail polishes and a file and clean-up pen.
I've never tried a clean-up pen before and I can't wait to try it!

Inside were the two nail polishes I told her I'd been dying for:
Essie's Mojito Madness and Ole Caliente + Sally Hansen's Princess Cut

I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening this up. So it's pretty fitting that they're Christmas-ey colors too. ha
And here is Olé  Caliente on.
I'm a huge fan of red polish and this is the perfect red orange for me. I was showing it off to my co-workers and they laughed at me because when telling them the name, I couldn't help but do a little shoulder shake. Just makes you feel kinda spicy! Olé!
Thanks, Jenn & Whitney for hosting this fun swap! :)
I can't wait to see what else everyone received.

Head on over to Amy's blog to see what I got her!


Christina said...

Great goodies! I love all three colors and I really want to try that clean up pen too!

Lauren said...

I love these polishes and actually am wearing Ole right now, so perfect for summer :-)

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

Very fun! Love the card she made, it's perfect. Such a great color on you too!

Amy @ At the Pink of Perfection said...

I'm so glad you liked it! Then again, who doesn't love nail mail?!?

It was great to "meet" you, thanks for the amazing stuff you sent my way! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love these colors!

Jennifer said...

You are too cute! I love all three and have to add them to my list!

Thanks for participating girlie!

Amanda* said...

These are all so great!!

Anonymous said...

Amy is awesome! Love the Essie colors.

Asha said...

I love that you did a shoulder shake when saying "Ole" LOL!! And all those colors are gorgeous! :)

Amber said...

I've been wanting both of those Essie colors, so jealous you got them :)

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I've never tried one of those pens either, let me know how it works. I just use a q-tip or a little brush dipped in the polish remover.

Great stuff ya got there!


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