Phone Photo Monday!

Aug 6, 2012

hey y'all! hope you had a nice weekend!

Our weekend was fun! Saturday we ran some errands and went shopping for birthday gifts for Ronnie's sister. She turned 30 a couple weeks ago (super old! ;) so we met up with his family for dinner that night which was a lot of fun!

While out shopping you KNOW I had to stop at Old Navy because it's super cash time! Which reminds me, do y'all have Old Navy's "snap appy" app? Download that sucker NOW. You just snap a picture of Old Navy logos and then it's like a little slot machine game and you can win coupon codes. I tried maybe 6 times and finally got a $15 off $75 code. holla! So not only did I get my $30 super cash to use in September, I got that awesome discount too.
(this is why I'm so loyal to you, Old Navy!)

So back onto topic ;) (shopping always throws me off!)
Yesterday, I took miss V to my parents' house and we hung out there all day while Ronnie had a "me" day. He so deserves it for being Mr. Mom all summer. I had my mom and sister's help with V all day and Ronnie had his free day so I'd say the day was a success :)
 1. Crazy hair!/ 2.Only one coat of Mojito Madness and I love it!/ 3.Hard day?/ 4. My most favorite snack ever!
5. Gawd I love these two!/ 6. Not sure what to think of Paw Paw/ 7. Brother and sister!/ 8. Espresso bean candy
9. Just hanging out/ 10. V and my mom/ 11. Eating her toes!/ 12. V and my sis (aka Aunt Sparkle :)

I'm linking up today with Savanah and Ashlee for Phone Photo Fun Monday!

They're celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the link up and hosting an awesome giveaway next week.
If you link up today, you get extra entries!!


ashley.warner said...

looks like a fun weekend! :)

ps. i am interested in having you be featured as a MUSIC guest blogger if you'd like to be... check it out

Anonymous said...

I love the green polish look! I wish I could get the nerve to wear it myself! Viv got her foot! Haha cute pictures of her this week. She melts my heart.

Cori H. said...

She's so cute! It's so funny how they discover their feet at that age! I also love how she's sleeping with her head resting on her hand. Sweet girl! Love the nail color too!

Monica said...

Great pics! Umm so love Old Navy...I might need to do some online shopping.

Monica said...

Great pics! Umm so love Old Navy...I might need to do some online shopping.

Faith said...

That is such an awesome tip to know about ON! Wish I knew that this weekend!

Love the green polish and V's adorable hair!

Glad Ronnie got a well deserved me day!

Loving the pictures :)

Meg O. said...

I need that old navy app!! I can't get over Violet's hair!! It is so luxurious!!!! I can't wait to clip bows in K's hair :)

Mrs. W. said...

Okay, it officially has been too long since I've been to Old Navy. I'm going to have to go and try out that app!

Christina said...

I love Mojito Madness too! One of my summer favorites. I think we’ve talked about Smartfood before. Soooo good. I can eat that whole giant bag in one sitting! I’m getting the app right this second! And I love V’s hair in the first picture. So stinking cute!

Jean said...

you really are making me want starbucks n some chocolate covered espresso beans!!!

love these snap shots & family in it! :) :) the best. <3


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