My IKAT obsession

Aug 7, 2012

I'm so behind on the ikat trend and yeah it's the popular thing to love (aside from chevron and bubble necklaces!) but it's just so pretty. I mean obviously I love color! And eclectic and even a bit ethnic patterns are totally my thing too.

There are just so many ikat beauties I want right now. Some, attainable. Some, well they'll never ever be within my little ol' South Texas budget but who said I can't look?! ;)


Clairebella Monogram Cutting Board
Ikat bracelet (in 3 different colors!)

Ikat dot pattern tote

Set of Two - Adras Ikat - Decorative Pillows

Raspberry Ikat Pull-Up Chair

^^Isn't this one especially gorgeous?!^^

A couple of these FOR SURE are making it onto my 30th b-day wish list
(just over a month away. eek!)!
What trend are you in love with right now?

P.S. I just want to say thank you and WELCOME to all of my newest followers. I'm at 190 now and am in serious shock over that (I know, every blogger says that)! Truly though, it means a lot to me so thanks!

*edit* Lost a follower yesterday so I'm really only at 189. That's ok though ;)
As a token of my appreciation, I want to have an awesome giveaway when I hit 200 followers! So spread the word and also if you have an Etsy shop  and would be willing to help a sista out with the giveaway, let me know! ;)


Lauren H. Edmondson said...

those chairs are absolutely adorable! of course the most expensive ones usually are ;)

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

You and me both! I am obsessed with ikat right now :) I day dream on etsy!

Anonymous said...

The chairs are gorgeous and I would totally love to be drinking coffee from one of those mugs! I'm really enjoying this print as well!

Faith said...

I want everything IKAT too! Love!

Yay for new followers!

Cole said...

I want that slipper chair!

Monica said...

love love those pillows!

Lissa xo said...

I am absolutely in love with the Raspberry Ikat Pull-Up Chair. What vibrant and beautiful colors! I would put it in my daughters bedroom (when she is older).

Ahh, if only.

Thank you for the lovely post! Ikat has truly gorgeous patterns and colors and I must check them out more.

<3 Lissa

Lauren said...

I love that pattern too lately, congrats on 190 I am at the same now I think woo hoo :-)

Christina said...

I’m so behind on this trend I didn’t even know it had a name. I kept saying, “You know, like a southwest pattern…” to my sister the other day. Hahah!

Anonymous said...

1. I love ikat! I was eyeing some slipper chairs a while ago but alas, I am poor. 2. I have an Etsy shop! It's at But I do more than just what's on there so hit me up if you're interested. :)

(this is Jessica from All Things Considered... Just in case this posts under my other account)

Jean said...

i am so out of fashion.
just learned what ikat is.


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