A Picture of Us

Aug 24, 2012

Look at me, TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY! I'm practically a professional blogger!
I just had to share this picture Ronnie sent me a few days ago. I find myself staring at it every day.
EVERYONE and their mother tells me that Violet is my mini-me.
Yes, she has my dark hair, yes she has my little nose, yes she has chubby cheeks.
But holy crap. When I saw this picture, I realized just how much this little girl is growing and changing and how much she's finally starting to look like her daddy too! Just with my coloring ;)
She's basically the PERFECT mix of both of us.

Hello, you see that second picture of Ronnie? Then look at her. Whoa.

It's about time she have more than just his forehead ;)


Faith said...

she is the cutest! the perfect mix of the both of you.

seriously, i want to see a new picture of V every day, lol. she actually makes me feel like my ovaries should be carrying, lol.

Rhonda said...

so precious! I love that she perfectly combines the both of you!

Jessica said...

Aww, how precious!!

Carissa said...

How Cute!!! Lucky you shes a mixture, my Emma looks nothing like me, shes all Daddy!!

Christina said...

Cute! At first glance Nolan looks exactly like Jacob and Milo looks exactly like me, but when you really look at them you can see the other parent. I like it. :)

Mrs. W. said...

How sweet! She's a good mix!


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