The end of my 20s!

Sep 12, 2012

Today I woke up to one of my favorite sights:
and that's only half!
Birthday freebies!!!!
My second favorite time of year (after Christmas, of course) has begun!
And thanks to Mishi, I now know of the greatest birthday freebie list yet. Check it.
So in exactly one week I turn 30, which really means:

And when I really think about that, I get a big ol' lump in my throat. I'm an overly sentimental girl in case ya didn't know so it's just an emotional thing for me. But instead of crying my eyes out and getting all negative over turning 30, I'm SO thankful for my 20s and all the milestones that have brought me to the life I have and love now:

At 24, I started dating this guy!
At 27, we got engaged in Yosemite!
At 28, I got knocked up!
I spent half of 29 cooking Violet!
At 29, we bought our cute, little house!

and best of all at 29, I became a Mom.
To say I'm grateful for my 20s is an understatement.
Here's to my last week of being a youngin! ;)
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Suze said...

Aw your twenties were amazing!

Enjoy your freebies. And yor birthday of coUrse :)

Michelle Pennington said...

Yay! I kinda feel famous now!!! Have fun getting all your birthday freebies! You deserve it! I'm still racking up on all mine this week!
I love all the photos and seeing all your milestones of your twenties!

BG said...

ooooooooooooooold lady ;) jk. 30 is the new 20. this will be your best decade yet, i just know it. :)

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

So sweet! And ew, stop lookin all cute after childbirth, you're supposed to look horrible! LOVE bday freebies, I actually have a separate freebie email account haha

Lauren said...

Love it, I am in my last year of my twenties(until April dun dun dun) and trying to live it up :-)

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

I am about to hit 25 in two weeks and I'm kiiiind of having a quarter-life crisis about it haha - but yes those birthday freebies are amazing!

Katie said...

Sounds like u had a good twenties!

Jean said...

exciting. <3 so happy for you! xoxo

Micaela said...

you had such a great 20's, just imagine how much better your 30's are going to be! :)

as cute as your baby bump was, look at that ADORABLE photo of you two together when she was born. PRECIOUS!

i seriously can't believe in DAYS i will meet our little girl, felix.



Christina said...

You're so OLD! :) You've had a pretty great decade and I'm sure your 30s will be even more awesome. You two look the same now as you did at 24! Cutest couple ever.

Rhonda said...

ah shit. crying at my desk. I just love you guys so much!

Mrs. W. said...

Your 20s were awesome!!! Lucky lady. :)

Bah, I wish I had seen that birthday freebies list before MY birthday!

Kari said...

Don't you love birthday freebies?!?! What a fun way to look back at your 20's...You guys are adorable!!


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