my thursday thoughts

Sep 13, 2012

--All I want in this world is to find a new job and just my luck, it's not the easiest thing to find. Is your company hiring? And no, I'm not kidding. Kinda but not really.

--Why is Erin Condren having a 40% off Holiday card sale in SEPTEMBER?! I saw comments from people on the EC Facebook that it's great timing because they're getting their pictures done soon. I'm not even close to being ready which = I'm a horrible mom.

--The weather guys are saying that it looks like Fall might actually be headed our way and to stay. I call bullshit. This is Texas - our forecasts are NEVER correct.

--This is the DIY pin I'm going to attempt this week. I'm sure all you DIY pros look at that and think "Easy peasy" but I'm kinda trembling on the inside. I suck at DIY! We'll see how this turns out.

--I really really don't want to go to my big work event in a few weeks. I'll have to be gone 10 days. Again this = I'm a horrible mom.

--Pretty much in love with this owl fabric but have no idea what to do with it. Ideas?

--Cutest child EVER. Seriously.

Tomorrow's the last day to sign up for the Just Add Color Fall Swap!! DO IT!


Anonymous said...

Um we did pictures for Mackenzie last Christmas in October....oh wait, that's next month!
We haven't had her one year pictures taken either. :oP she's 15 months.
Don't feel bad! :)

Katie said...

My husband and I are going to take a family picture later in the fall, that was going to be my christmas cards. I cant think of planning anything now! I hope your DIY project turns out. It looks so cool but I don't think I could do that! lol. I'm obsessed with anything owl so I'm loving that fabric!! :)

Jean said...

i don't think any forecast anywhere is ever on the dot. lol.

you can just frame that fabric & put it around your house. i have yet to do that w/ one of my piece. that thing was $10/yd. i almost never spend $5/yd. eeeks!

Christina said...

I’m not ready for Christmas cards until like Dec 15. Oops. Fall hasn’t hit here yet. It was 80 today and won’t be below 72 for the foreseeable future. BOO! I suck at DIY. I screw everything up. That looks so cute though! I can’t’ wait to see. Aww, that middle picture is adorable! Her eyes look so light.

Mrs. W. said...

She is such a cutie!!!

And yeah, I keep getting emails from all these companies with promotions on their holiday cards and I'm just like, really? You mean I'm supposed to have taken holiday pictures and be prepared with a card already by now? Not happening.

10 days to be gone!!!! That sucks. :(


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