Guest Post: Mishi Talks Trends...or not

Oct 14, 2012

Welcome, one of my newest faves, Mishi! She just recently turned 30 too so we're both part of the old lady club which is nice ;) One of the her first posts I read had me rolling laughing. She is just an awesome lady. Be sure to visit her and say hi!

Hey, I'm Mishi.
I'm gonna tell you a little something about how I am probably never gonna be "that" girl. 
Ok. so I practically stalked this chick the other day in HomeGoods.
My exact words to my friend were...
"This chick looks like she is from Pinterest!"
(from Pinterest? yes. I said that.)
True story.

Blazer. Cute top. Skinny jeans. Heels. 
This chick had it all. 
Chances are she does have a blog and is on pinterest. 
And if I knew who she was I would most probably read her blog, love her style and wish I could wear blazers.

I can not. 
I don't like anything that makes me look like a I have wide shoulders and even though I don't, blazers make me self-conscious. 
I also don't watch football, tailgate, drink wine (a Bahama Mama made me sick once), or wear heels.

I have come to the conclusion.
I am never gonna be "that" girl. 
 I don't follow 97% of trends.
That kinda stopped back in the 90's when we all wore those scrunchie socks in layers and slap bracelets. 
We were all singing Lisa Loeb too. 
Don't play like you don't know the song. 
You do.

Ok. I lied, just a little before.
I did also try the Victoria Beckam hair cut.
Didn't everyone?
I will dig up a photo from my fabulous Facebook profile photos album so you don't have to....
It did not make me look more like Victoria Beckham.

So, along the way I've just embraced that I am not very fashionable and what is "in style"
 just doesn't always work for me.
You will never find me on my blog modeling any new trendy fashions. 
I will forever leave that up to the real fashion bloggers that I follow. 
The ones who really can wear blazers and skinny jeans and in the meantime I've learned to just embrace "me"... 
a girl who wears sparkly flats, tries desperatly to cover her "muffin top" (cause let's face it that is a trend no one wants to follow) and has her hair in a pony tail too many days to count.

But I will tell you that....
sometimes, just sometimes you happen to be a girl who loves to rock some leopard print
and it suddenly out of nowhere it becomes fabulously trendy.
An unexpected score.

 So, shhhh!!!!
 Don't tell anyone when I am rocking these leopard print rain boots that I am not "that" girl.
Some random chick in HomeGoods may tell her friend that I am. :)


Melanie Montgomery said...

I bought you those boots!
Best find ever. :]
Loved reading this post Mishi!
I happen to think you're pretty trendy even if you don't.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha so funny, I love this post! I feel like I will never be "that" girl either. I was standing in line at Starbucks the other day and there were two girls in front of me that looked just like perfect pinterest models (one of them was also wearing a blazer and the other one had on a trendy lace vest) plus perfect boots, make-up, and hair.

Well I finally put my order in (& my brother actually works at the Starbucks) so I asked him if he knew those girls. They were apparently still in high school yet looked older than me and more "put-together" than I am now lol. I never looked/dressed like that in high school!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this! I try so desparately to just look "cute" and sometimes cannot throw an outfit together to save my life. I don't even want to necessarily be "on trend"!

My uniform of late has been cardigan, cami, jeans, flats. Yeah.

Headed over to Mishi's blog right now! :)

Christina said...

Mishi! We are the same person. No heels, wine, football, etc. I bought a blazer, but it makes my head look even smaller than it already is. Haha! I also love sparkly flats and have the same deal with my muffin top. Just be you! I loved this post! And you :)

Kari said...

hahaha - I love this post!!!! I have to admit, I TRY to be THAT girl, but I usually just end up in sweats and a tee! lol


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