Random Wednesday

Dec 5, 2012

Super late in posting today but lots of stuff going on in my noggin so I thought I'd share (even if my randoms are usually saved for Thursday ;) along with some e-cards. First time linking up with Shanna!

someecards.com - I can't wait for fall to arrive this winter

--I woke up yesterday wanting soo badly to move right smack dab next to some mountains and some cold air. For those of you who live in areas like that, please tell me how amazing it is! I get so angry with Texas weather!

someecards.com - I need a workout that will help me lose weight without losing my boobs.

--Love ya,
Mod Cloth but I wish your regular styles came in plus size. Yes, you have your "curvy size" section but the majority of those dresses are retro styles. That's cute but I promise you plus size girls did not only exist in the 50s - we're able to wear current styles too! 

someecards.com - This holiday season, in lieu of gifts, I've decided to give everyone my opinion.

--I've been stressed about whether or not 16"x20" canvases were too big for gifts for the Grandmas and of course I get an e-mail from them this morning saying one of my pictures is too large and they're upgrading it (free of charge!) to 16"x24". These Grandmas are just gonna have to deal with a huge ass picture of their granddaughter ;)

                         someecards.com - Let's pretend we're too good for Wal-Mart. Let's make it a Kohl's or Target day today.

--If you're a Target shoppin' fool like me (who isnt?!), go here and print out this coupon!! You get a $10 gift card right now with any $50 purchase. It's good through 12/8. Mama's going broke buying formula so I may as well get something extra out of it!

someecards.com - Let's put the kids to bed early tonight, turn on some music, and sleep like crazy.

--Maybe I'm boring and talk about my kid too much but Violet + Ronnie + work are basically my life so that's what you'll get here! My number of followers has gone down in the past month and I cared for all of 5 seconds. Sure, once I can squeeze some more me time in, maybe I'll be my super exciting former self again (right ;) but if not,  I know many of y'all get it, so thanks for sticking around!

Happy Wednesday!!


Trish said...

Well I don't live near the mountains, but we've certainly got some cold air going on here in Indiana! I'll see if I can push some of it your way :)

Anonymous said...

1. I will trade you some frigid Michigan weather for some Texas warmth anytime you want! =)

2. I love your shout-out to Mod Cloth!

3. The some e-card about Wal-mart kills me lol

Amanda M. said...

I've got the cold Maine air, you can have it! Although we've had some nice balmy 40 degree days lately so it's not bad... seriously, 40 is good for us! As for talking about your family, I think it's the best part! They're your life, thus it make sense that they're your blog too!

Faith said...

Wait?! How?! You have Violet, the most gorgeous baby girl! How can anyone not follow?

And I so think Target is SO much better than Walmart, lol.

Jessica said...

I love random posts. And e-cards. And the Walmart one is hilarious. And I'm all for reading about Ronnie and V and work. Because I blog about Zach and work and my kitty. :)

Cole said...

Want some cold air? Come on up here! I have plenty of room for you all...and a dachshund welcome committee too!

Katie said...

Totally feel ya on the weather. I'm dying to wear my boots and not sweat in them.

Secondly I disagree with the second one. I need a workout to loose like 1/2 of my boobs. I need like 3 sports bras for anything more high impact than yoga.

And finally nope when you put that picture on a huge wall it will look small. Every Grandma loves pictures of their kids. :)

Christina said...

It's coooold here with the possibly of a little snow Sunday morning. When we're doing a 5K!! My canvases are 16x24 and I don't think they are TOO big. They are big, but nice. They just have to make some wall space for V!! I got that deal when I went to Target yesterday and I also stocked up on diapers, tampons, and bought J and iPod so I walked away with $40 in gift cards. I love it! Now I don't feel so bad buying stuff for myself.

Lauren said...

So love the Kohl's or Target one, hilarious!!!! :-)

smk053078 said...

I know this Texas weather is CRAZY!!! But ya what, I am okay with it. I hate the cold! And you talk about your kiddos alllll day long! ;) Thanks do much for linking up this week. I hope you come back again!! ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha. This texas weather has been crazy, but I hate cold, so I'm ok with it. The walmart meme cracks me up. I have such a love/hate relationship with that store.


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