Glitter and some tears.

Feb 13, 2013

I swore I would never be a mommy blogger but I kinda am and I don't care like I thought I would. V really is our LIFE and if anyone had told me two years ago that I'd be talking this way, I'd have laughed and taken another swig of beer. But it's true. Having a baby changes you, your life, your relationship with your significant other, all of it. It's overwhelming and amazing all at once.

Last night I held her as she fell asleep and realized that YES, I'm going to be a wreck for the next 2 weeks. I'm taking a sad little walk down memory lane because I hate how fast it has all flown by and you know what, I'm allowed. She might be the only babe we ever have (and honestly could ever handle ;) and all sobbing aside, I really am just trying to live in each and every moment.

Last night I was knee deep in all things sparkley while I DIY'ed some props for her 1st birthday photo shoot this afternoon.

(This is definitely the fun part about having a girl :)

I'm completely excited for the photo shoot and can't wait to see her reaction to the cupcake but have to admit, I definitely have THIS girl on my heart:

Same baby Violet, just a brand new, 2 week old version.

The next 2 weeks are going to be real mushy. Fair warning, y'all.


Kasey said...

Aww sweet babe!

I feel like I kind of know what it's like even though my baby isn't even here yet. She's already growing too fast. haha.

Even though they grow so fast, there is always something to look forward to (except maybe teenage years. just kidding. kind of.) That being said, I can't wait to see pics from V's birthday party! I love the theme that you're going with.

Faith said...

I'm ready :)

Suze said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that. But I was reading your post and kept saying yep, mmhmm, me too. The mommy blogger thing, the it's going by too fast thing, and the living in the moment thing.

That photo shoot looks like it's going to be soooo cute!

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

I agree that having a baby turns you into a complete sap haha, I can't wait to see all the stuff for the party!!

BG said...

gah SWEET SQUISHY BABY!!! i cannot wait to see the pics!

also, i think V had more hair at 2 weeks than H has now. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the pictures and party pictures!! It's ok to cry over her turning one. It's your baby! :o)

Lauren said...

Aww love her little pic as a baby can't believe how big she is. Can't wait to see everything you did with the glitter yay!

Katie said...

awww.... sweet baby V I can almost smell the sweet newborn smell! I can't wait to see pics!

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Such a sweet post! I love your mommy blog posts!! And you're def allowed to get teary for her 1st birthday up until her 100th! She'll always be your baby!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
World According to Shia

Anonymous said...

Aw such a week post! Can't believe she will be 1, I'm scared about how fast time will go with our little one.

Christina said...

Aww, so sweet! It's so hard watching them grow up!!

Mrs. W. said...

Bring on the mush! I'll be right behind you with some mush of my own! These girls...slow down, ladies!!!


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