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Mar 22, 2013


1. There's some not so awesome stuff going on in my personal life (NOTHING to do with Ronnie, things are great there :) and it's turned me into a weepy, grouchy mess so I'm taking a break from Twitter and Facebook. And you know what? I'm actually pretty happy without them (for now).
2. Remember we were going to cancel cable? Well I called Time Warner and I . got . swindled. Totally felt like this after the swindling too. But how could I say no when they knocked our cable/Internet bundle down $25 AND upgraded our Internet? Ronnie seems to think it's should've been real easy to say no - it wasn't. I guess we'll just have to keep cable another month ;)

3. Ronnie made these Roasted Chickpeas last night and all three of us LOVED them. I'm not sure what recipe he used but they're all pretty similar, this one looks close enough. Ronnie just changed it up and used some different spices, it's really all about what flavor you want anyway.

4. I am so in love with this newbie toddler stage and wish I could just freeze time. She is just so silly and fun and learning all sorts of new stuff. Hangers and junk mail are her favorite "toys" lately.

5. I've been obsessing over embroidery hoops for a while and I could easily just buy one of the many on Etsy but I'm thinking crazy thoughts and have decided to make one! I mean, I just freed up a whole bunch of time just with quitting Twitter alone! Has anyone seen an tutorial that's pretty easy to understand - say, Embroidery Hoops for Dummies? Please send it my way or send me your own tips!

Linking up for the first time with Lauren, love her blog!

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Happy Friday, friends :)


Rhonda said...

I have all sorts of stuff in embroidery hoops, NONE of it actual embroidery. ha!

miss you!

applesandglue said...

Aw, toddlers are the best. Well, and babies. Just in kids in general are awesome. :)

I need to try roasting chickpeas again.. the time I tried it, I don't think I did it enough and they were kinda chewy. Not fun.

Sorry to hear about the personal problems. :( Hope things get better!!

Cole said...

If I lived closer, I'd teach you how to embroider. :-)

I hope everything is OK. You have my cell phone number and can call/text ANYTIME you need support or to vent!

Monica said...

Yum those chickpeas look delicious!

Kari said...

I'm sorry to hear about your not so awesome stuff :( Keep your head up! I don't even use twitter...I have an account..but I just don't get it! We went without cable for 2 years and I finally broke down and got it. I keep saying I'm going to cancel it again....not worth the 3 channels we actually watch! She's getting so big! It's been fun watching her grow through your blog :) Such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the not so awesome stuff! If you need to vent, send me an email!
And honestly I think about quitting FB and Twitter every week! Shoot, I did basically quit Twitter for the longest time.
Toddler stage is the best! Good luck with the embroidery hoop, I like the one you posted.

Jean said...

i've been obsessing over embroidery hoops, too! i made one in two days! it was a fun little project. i plan to do more! if you guys have michael's craft store down there, that's where i got my hoops. all sizes & cheap! :)

Shoshanah said...

I've definitely heard about cable companies doing that to lots of people. It makes you feel a little sick in a way, knowing how much money they make off you that they could easily just lower your bill.

And I had roasted chickpeas in a restaurant once that were amazing. We having tried making them ourselves, but hearing that it's doable it's something I love to make happen.

Mrs. W. said...

So, I'm like a month behind on blog reading. I suck. So prepare for an influx of outdated comments. :)

Anyway, sorry about the personal life stuff. Also, we gave up cable when we moved to FL and really haven't missed it, so I'm here to tell you it's possible. We do pay for Hulu Plus and just watch a lot of our favorites on that. Other than that, we don't miss it, and frankly, I kind of like not having the TV on in the background all the time anymore. We listen to music now! Yay! :)


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