What I Would've Tweeted - 2nd Edish

Apr 1, 2013

I'm pretty sure my desire to tweet is waning...sad as that may be to admit for this once Twitter addict, it's true.

I've rarely thought about Twitter over the last week and have only tweeted when someone responds to an Instagram picture I post or the couple of times I wanted to share a discount code to my Etsy sponsor (speaking of which - info to come tomorrow on my April Etsy sponsor!!). Other than that, there's been little desire to tweet. I'm starting to think I might actually QUIT Twitter. I know - crazy talk. We'll see what happens at the end of this week. I might just continue to stay in the background like I have for the past couple of weeks. I like it better this way.

There's a lot less non tweets this time around than last week!

+And this is why there is a hide or delete friend option on Facebook. (link) #sorryimnotsorry #ithinkmykidscute
+Yes, random guy, I hate 5 o'clock traffic too but I also really hate awkward elevator small talk.

+I'm proud to say I'm halfway through Mad Men Season 5 - right in time for this weekend's Season 6 premiere!
+I love the nights when Ronnie doesn't have homework/studying and we get to hang out as a family. Best times ever.
+If you sell on Craigslist do you meet up with the buyer or have them come to your house? Just curious. We do both.

+Doing laundry and just overheard Ronnie talking to V about gay marriage. The talk ended with an enthusiastic "Equal rights for all!" #love

+It's when I start jamming to an Earth, Wind and Fire song that I realize I must be a 50 year old woman on the inside.

+I don't want to be a full time SAHM - I just want to work part time, Mondays and Fridays off. Easy, right? #notsomuch
+I just realized we never took V for an Easter Bunny picture and now it's too late. Only her 2nd Easter and I already suck at it. 

I hope y'all had a Happy Easter!

 And Happy April! I can't believe how fast this year is already flying by.


Rhonda said...

Love this post!

I could not survive without twitteR!

applesandglue said...

Don't leave twitter! And I hear ya on the working part-time, with Mondays and Fridays. What a dream that would be!

Uh, never done Craigslist but I would never have them come to my house, I'd be too afraid.

Christina said...

We never do Easter bunny pics. Those bunnies are so creepy! Haha! I like being in the background on twitter too. I only check it once or twice a day and hardly have anything interesting to say. Just do that. Don't quit! Love the convo Ronnie had with V!!!

Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud at the Earth Wind Fire! I totally jam to them too!
We only sold once on Craigslist and meet the buyer in a Wendys parking lot.
We don't so Easter bunny pics. I agree with the above comment....the bunnies are creepy! :)

Faith said...

Hahaha you're hilarious! Kinda makes me want to join Twitter. I think I'm 50 too, lol !!

And sign me up for that work shift. I would love that, haha.

Recently Roached said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. :)
I laughed at your Earth wind fire one. Hilarious. And don't worry, of all the pictures to not get, the one with the bunny is okay to do without ;)

Miranda said...

yay for Mad Men! i have so much "old" music on my ipod, my mom once told me you would never guess my age correctly by listening to it.

and equal rights for all!!!! haha

Mrs. W. said...

That article about moms posting pics makes me sad. If I got an email like that, I would so a MAJOR friends-list cleanup. Because dude, those people are supposed to be your friends, they're supposed to care about what's important in your life! Which just may, you know, be your kid. People are lame. I LOVE baby pics in my newsfeed - especially baby V with her crazy curly hair. :)


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