A kid's night in Austin.

Jul 18, 2013

Not sure if you've heard this but San Antonio is hot. Much like the rest of Texas. So what do we do during the summer? Anything involving water. The pool, lakes, rivers, whatever. Or we're forced (I say forced like it's a bad thing. ha) to go to places like SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Splashtown or drive to New Braunfels for Schlitterbahn. Those are all awesome but sometimes you just want a relaxed place, so Ronnie -being the awesome dad he is- had the idea to find Violet a splash pad. But for some reason, there are like zero splash pads in San Antonio. (Yeah, I said like. Ronnie hates that.) Maybe because we're so water conscious? Who knows.
Since we're always down for a road trip, I googled splash pads in Austin and the first result was "25 Austin area splash pads". Perfect. Thank goodness for our much cooler neighbor. So we packed up our girl late in the day Saturday (to avoid the hottest temps of the day) and headed to Austin. 
The first stop was Ricky Guerrero park - a little park tucked into the back of a neighborhood. There were 3 other kids playing when we got there and it wasn't packed at all. So nice. This splash area was small but had plenty of room for a good amount of kids and it was completely perfect for someone V's size. It also had a ton of shade so that was a major plus. The first 5 pictures below are from there. Our only complaint was that the water turned off earlier than expected (apparently it shut off a half hour earlier than it should have). But nice thing about Austin having so many splash pads is that there's always another nearby so we headed over to the Liz Carpenter fountain at Bulter Park (the rest of the pictures :). That one was insanely crowded but the view - you can't beat a splash area with a view. The entire Austin skyline was right there! Violet was a little worn out by then but still managed to have fun. I mean, WATER. She loves it.
Quick side story about the annoying man and his baby son in the above picture.
See, Violet LOVES other babies and immediately goes up to them so we already knew she'd be happy right next to this little boy. But he had sunglasses on (I'm guessing prescription after what happened) and another thing Violet loves is sunglasses. So she goes up to this kid, reaches (not grabs, but reaches) for the kid's glasses and while I'm trying to keep her from actually getting a hold of this kid, the dad rushes over to put his hand in front of Violet and in what I swear felt like slow motion, he yells "No no no no no!". You'd think my daughter was getting ready to push his son off a rooftop ledge. I quickly apologize and explain that she just loves sunglasses and meanwhile the son starts screeeeaming so the dad scowls at me and takes his son to the opposite end of the fountain. Dra-ma! Violet was still drawn to him though and as you can see, Ronnie had to keep stepping in to take her away. Like her dad, she's stubborn so I'm sure she would've eventually taken those glasses right off the boy's face...and ain't nobody got time to get into a fight with another parent.
But anyway. Happy, non-crazy people thoughts.
Can you see the happy on this child's face? Gawd, I love her. She had the best. time. ever.

And THIS. Downtown Austin sure is pretty.
We've wanted to move there for years but apparently everyone else and their mother from outside of Texas wants to also, so now it's just way too crowded. I'm just grateful a city with so much to do is nearby and we can visit whenever we want. Even if crazy parents do run rampant here, Austin's always a favorite.


Lauren said...

Such great memories during summer, V looks beyond happy :-)

Amber said...

V looks so happy! I would be too, that splash park looks fun :) Minus that kid and his dumb dad! ;)

Heather said...

What a fun trip!! Btw, if V is getting the Schlitterbahn itch next weekend, she may have a little friend to play with. ;)

Ryan said...

Hi there! Fellow Texan from the Mommy Bloggers group dropping by to say hello. (I totally just typed "hellow" and had to go back and erase the "w." Holy mother, I'm in need of a weekend for sure! :)) Your little princess is PRESH! Looking forward to following along here.

kjpugs said...

Austin sounds like so much fun! And V looks just ADORABLE and so so happy! Ps- I hate when parents take crap too seriously like that. You have a kid too dude, you know how it goes, calm down!!!

Mrs. W. said...

This sounds like such a fun day (despite the crazy)! Splash parks are the best, and V looks so happy!


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