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Jul 26, 2013

I feel like at every stage of Violet's life, we say that THIS is our favorite one. We've been saying that for months now but it really is hard to decide a true favorite. She's just such a silly, ridiculous child that you can't help but enjoy all of what she's doing. She's even sleeping pretty well nowadays, even with her molars coming in. And I KNOW it's her molars coming in because poor child has been in pain for almost 2 weeks now. The first week, her sleep was awful and she did nothing but whine in her sleep. Now, she whines during the day :( Teething is the WORST.

And for even more randomness today, this is life lately...

Wild child // Happy Hour with a friend // Parentals' 32nd Anniversary!! // Loreal Greycian Goddess. Still love it.
V was on local TV!! // Day date to Sea World // Baby Shamu! // Cutie booty
Disturbing my work at home plans // Why does she look so big?! // Neon at Target // Walking's lame, I'll crawl.
I'm so excited for tonight - Ronnie and I will be real-life adults! I won tickets from my friend Megan of Mean Baby, to a local event called Cocktail: The Event. I really wanted to go but it wasn't in the current budget so I was supa excited to win! Eleven of the city's top bars will be competing for the best cocktail, some of the top chefs will be serving food and there will be a couple live bands and a burlesque troupe. And we'll get to hang out with Megan and her baby daddy too. Definitely a fun night, eeek!! :)

Oh and before I forget (sorry to keep y'all waiting), the winner of the $20 credit to Brittany Garner Design is....

Congrats, Ricky!! I will have Brittany get in touch with you :)

You might remember Ricky from my last giveaway, her Etsy shop was my April sponsor! SO fun.

Happy Friday, people. Have a fun weekend!


Rhonda said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun summer!

and I HATE teething!

Lauren said...

How fun, have a great time at the event :-)

Lauren Edmondson said...

look at Miss V being all famous on TV! Teething is the absolute devil, thinking of y'all!

Ricki @ Rogue Baby said...

Yay!! I am so excited. :) I never win anything lol. How do I get in touch with Brittany?


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