A really late 4th post.

Jul 17, 2013

It shouldn't be a surprise to me or anyone else that I'm writing about July 4th on the 17th. I'm known to be a little late to just about everything. I can't help it. I'm a procrastinator to the core. Being a procrastinator also leads to never actually making plans until the last minute. Which is exactly how our 4th went. I woke up excited for a fun celebration! One that I hadn't even planned! Story of my life. So we did a whole lot of nothing for the better part of the day. But honestly it was good. It's nice to just BE. No work, no stress. Just be with my family in our little house.

Finally, I decided we HAD to do something. And it had to be great!

So we Googled firework shows in the area and decided on New Braunfels (45 minutes north of SA). It's around the area where Ronnie grew up so he's always happy to head out the way. We stopped at Cooper's for some BBQ and having decided to go low carb that day (or maybe I was forced into by a fiancĂ© who's tired of hearing me bitch about my weight. Maybe.), this place was perfect. We loaded up on some meat, a little cole slaw (like 3 bites. Boo.) and then I ate my weight in pickles. nom. Violet ate meat AND mac -n- cheese so I hated her a little in that moment. The guy who served us was super friendly and chatted us up about our plans and gave us some tips on where to watch the fireworks since the park where we were headed gets pretty crowded. He was so nice and his tips saved us!

We ended up in a church parking lot with the PERFECT view of the fireworks and minus the park crowd. Violet LOVED it. We loved it. Before the fireworks, she walked around the parking lot a bit and then she was in for the "pa" show of her little life! We're still not sure how or why she says "pa" for "light" but it's adorable and she's pretty much set on it for now. The entire time she kept pointing at the fireworks and then looking at both of us like "Are you seeing this?!". Cutest ever.

Mom of the year forgot her camera. So we have these fabulous phone pics. Ah well.

I just can't believe how quickly she's growing and what a little toddler she is. I looked back on last year's July 4th post and at the end of it, I said "I get in weepy mom mode when I think about how much older and different she'll be next year! :(". I'm amazed at how that "next year" got here so fast. And the same sentiment rings true for next year - we'll have a nearly 2 1/2 year old by then. Insane. (Hold me.)

pictures from July 6th. Same outfit. Because I'm an awesome mom.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, same outfit is no big deal. Mackenzie is in her pjs all day most days. I'm too tired to leave with a toddler. oH and why dirty clothes if your just hanging out at home.
I can't imagine low carb right now. I crave it and ill eat more just for you. :)
Looks like you had fun. Erin worked on the 4th and we went swimming over the weekend .... Fun times. :)
V is getting big! I was looking at the pics of Mackenzie last night and was sad telling Erin how much she has changed/grown in 2 years.

Jazmin Hunter said...

Looks like you had a great 4 of July

Amber said...

Haha, I'm the same way about blogging later than the event. Usually I forget and then never even blog it because it has taken me so long ;)

Jean said...

i don't know what is worse, a kid wearing the same outfit a few days later or an adult, LOL!

don't worry, i've been so behind on blogging, period. i just want to nap right now!

Lauren said...

How fun, her outfit is just adorable for the 4th :-)

kjpugs said...

I still haven't blogged my trip to NJ in April so I feel ya! PS- V looks ADORABLE in her little outfit and I think she should wear it every day :)

Christina said...

I can't believe she wasn't afraid of the noise. Way to go, baby girl! Milo was freaked out, so only Jacob and Nolan stuck around to watch the fireworks this year.

Mrs. W. said...

She is so sweet and I love that she loved the fireworks. I also did some reminiscing about last year on July 4th and it really is nuts. How is time passing so quickly???


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