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Jul 15, 2013

I had another post scheduled for this morning but for some reason, one of the pictures won't upload. No matter what I do! And it's an important picture! Ugh. So having said that, COME BACK TOMORROW. I will be posting about one of my FAVORITE ladies on earth AND there might be a giveaway involved too ;)

Until then, just some recent videos I wanted to share:

A giggling babe is just about my happiest, favoritest thing ever.

And just a quick disclaimer for any Judgey McJudgersons:
Yes, my child was eating McDonald's. It was grocery shopping day, sue me.
Yes, my laugh can sound that annoying. Not always, though.
No, my carpet is NOT nasty. YouTube graineyness makes it look that way.
No, she did not have a full diaper, she just gets sag butt, sometimes. Happens to the best of us.


Suze said...

oh em gee, Jessica! She's so damn cute.

And no judgment here. It makes me sad you even feel the need to put that. :(

Anonymous said...

Adorable!! I feed my kid McDonald's too! And my floor is always a mess and I do have videos of Mackenzie with a wet diaper = sag but, actually lots! And I didn't post one because of it. How sad is it that people are so judgy about other people's children?!

Christina said...

Hahah! I love that she's laughing so hard she can't stand! So that bug blows the bubbles? I want that thing!!

Mrs. W. said...

Her laughing fit is the best. Made me smile! :)


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