High Five For Friday

Jul 12, 2013

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth today!
1. I think this kid loves the water :) Considering she haaated her bath for nearly the first year of her life, this is a welcome change. I don't even care that now she wants to sit and play in the bath every night for at least an hour.

2. Love this color, but hate the polish. Say what? Ok so it's a neon and dries as a matte (how I'm currently wearing it) BUT slap a top coat on and it only looks gorgeous for as long as you don't touch anything. I had entire nails popping off! Not literally, but the entire polish! Even as a matte, it chips immediately. However, it's top 5 worthy this week because I'm obsessed with the color. So much so that I've resorted to carrying the bottle in my purse and doing touch ups as needed (it dries super fast so that helps).  FYI: the polish is Sinful Colors - Dream On.

3. My baby brother turned 27 yesterday! And Violet finally sorta kinda likes him! High five for that! Not sure why she's so shy around men sometimes (I honestly think it's because she's so daddy obsessed that she just doesn't want any other guy around but him. ha). but slowly but surely, she's getting more comfortable. Except in this picture when she just wanted more yogurt and ain't nobody got time for pictures when there's food around ;)

4. You can't go wrong with anything Strawberry Shortcake. I get my hoarding tendencies from my mom and she's kept tons of our toys, clothes, papers, art and anything else she felt was memorable from our childhood. It used to be annoying and I'm sure my dad hates their full garage and attic but I love being able to see these things and hopefully I can pass them on to Violet one day. Whenever I can trust she won't ruin them :)

5. Now that it's the summer, my sister comes in every few weeks from college and I love seeing her with Violet. They love each other like crazy and I'm happy they at least get some time together. SHe came in last weekend and we got to spend Sunday together. We still need to make some plans to go visit her - she does live near the beach!!

So, that's been my week! We've had a whiney teething child (we're at almost a full week of awful sleep. Send help.) but we've survived. Tomorrow we have plans for another day at Sea World and I'm SO excited. I had no idea I'd love going there so much!

How has your week been?!


Sara said...

I LOVE that color - but I hate the polish, too. I've had the exact same issues with mine.. But it's soo pretty though!

I can't get over how stinkin' cute your baby girl is!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Mackenzie loves the water too! We don't let her play for long though because of her eczema. :( But she can play in the pool for an hour or so. :) I've also had a teething baby, but thankfully only one bad night of sleep. Hope sea world tires her out to sleep through the night.

Lauren said...

That pool pic is the cutest :-)

Heather said...

She is so presh!! I'm loving summertime right now because of all the baby pool time.

Rhonda said...

I have that polish too. obsessed. all the sinful colors neons are matte. so weird.

Amber said...

Love that color, but I don't blame you on the top coat. I hate when polish dries matte.

V is precious as always. I just can't get over that gorgeous curls!


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