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Jul 1, 2013

Isn't it amazing how easy it is to get caught up in REAL life and lose focus on blogging for a while? It's pretty nice, to be honest.

Also, I realized that my last post probably made it seem like I was holding back some major news and oops, I didn't mean to be a tease. No big news over here.

Alls I've got is work, baby, Ronnie, baby, home and that's about it. So here's the gist:

+Work has been a dramatic roller coaster lately which has kept me busy and super happy, actually.

+I've been selling V's clothes like a mad woman on my IG shop. (It's like a part time job in itself but SO fun.)

+We bought annual passes to SeaWorld/Aquatica and are obsessed already. We went this past Saturday and Sunday and had the best time. It's hot as balls outside but totally worth it.

+Ronnie's been busting his booty at his new job and I'm so proud of him!

+Speaking of his booty, he's seriously rocking the weight loss thing (35 lbs!)! And the summer-SAHD thing.

+Violet is awesome and cute as all get out lately. She's CONSTANTLY dancing and kicking her legs (most hilarious thing ever) and she does this squinty face smile now that almost literally melts my heart every time. She talks non-stop, throws plenty of tantrums and is just the coolest kid. She's sleeping pretty great too (for the most part) so I'm finally feeling human again. Not completely, but mostly.

Speaking of kids though, I've gotta bring it back to Ronnie who had a dream recently that I was pregnant.

A dream that caused me to go into a week long panic because of course, with my luck, I'd totally be the girl with an IUD who got pregnant.

This week long terror made me realize, as awesome as our kid is, mama seriously ain't ready for baby #2.

Not now and maybe not ever. #sadbuttrue

Obviously that dream really screwed with me.

But moving on. How have y'all been?


Kali Angeles said...

Well since you asked how we were doing, let me just spit it all out and please take a seat because my therapist is out of town this month and homegirl has a box of tissues to snot up. LOL JK. It's been so hard getting into the swing of blogging again. I was REALLY terrible this month, and not even for the good reasons that you have. It would be awesome for u to catch V in one of her dancing moods on a keek :)

<3 Kali

Lauren said...

She's so adorable, love all the cute outfits :-) Glad you are selling on IG too, that's so awesome!

Christina said...

I miss you! I'm glad life is good and you're busy and things are going well! And I'm jealous of your SeaWorld season pass!

Anonymous said...

I think it's summer that makes it much easier to forget about blogging! A lot of bloggers has been 'taking a step back' lately....I didn't blog for awhile either and even now if I hadn't scheduled a bunch of posts I wouldn't be posting this week. :)
Um I'd love passes to sea world!! You'll be getting your money's worth on those passes!! 2 more weeks and maybe I can start shopping your IG closet. :oP


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