Lots of firsts in October

Oct 22, 2014

A big thank you to anyone who read my word vomit of a post earlier this week. I got a much higher number of views this time so I know it got read, whether it was just to measure my level of crazy or because you cared. Either way, I appreciate it. If you still wanna offer up any insight to hopefully help calm my crazy, you're more than welcome to. You could even email me. Or tweet me. Whatevs. But thank you again to those who read it.

In other, non-insane news, I am in love with life in October. The weather is cooler (Texas cooler, that is) and with so many Halloween/Fall events coming up, I'm a happy girl. This month so far, we've had a lot of fun little firsts in Violet's world.

1. First time in a car cart - oh the squeals! // Just a cute new plate, thanks to the HEB // First Scholastic book order!
2. First set of Holiday artwork (melt my heart) // I celebrated a coworker's retirement // First year she's actually scared of Halloween :(

3. First time facing forward - eek! // First time ever with play-doh. Crazy huh? She loves it. // Trader Joe's pumpkin errything
I'll end this post on a fun note because we did something so super exciting last night - we bought a new refrigerator, gas range and microwave! I'm so so flipping excited! Isn't it crazy what we get excited about now?! ha! It has been a long time coming and I'm just about to burst with happiness that we could finally make it happen. It's fitting for this post too because this is our first big purchase for our house! Sure, we got new carpet recently but that was a wedding gift from my parents. THIS, we're doing on our own and I'm way proud of us. I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of our fancy new schtuff!

1 comment:

Susan S. said...

Lotsa love for the new appliances. :) That's prettye xciting!

I just bought Nick some play-doh but I'm scared to try it yet. Sounds like it has been a really fun October!

I miss catching up with you- I am hoping to get back into the blogging/Twitter groove.


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