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Mar 10, 2011

Yesterday morning I had some blood work done and afterward I got the worst, most miserable headache and it lasted all day! It was just a sharp pain on the right side of my head and went all the way down behind my ear. I never get sick after blood work so it was pretty weird. But I made it through the day and was so relieved when 6pm came!

When I got home, I didn't even tell Ronnie about my headache because I really do feel like I complain every day about something. Not that he minds but I hate sounding like such a downer! So as soon as I got there, I took the dogs walking and left him doing homework but when I got back in, my head was THROBBING on the right side. It really freaked me out and Ronnie could tell something was wrong and asked if I was ok. I told him about what I'd been feeling all day and he was SO sweet and said he wanted to give me a massage to see if it would help. We went into the bedroom, turned off all the lights and he gave me the BEST FREAKING MASSAGE EVER. For about 30 minutes too! I just sat down in front of him and he massaged my shoulders, neck and head. I nearly fell asleep, it was heavenly! And afterwards? No headache!

So I'm not sure if it was having blood drawn that made me sick or if it was just stress but yesterday totally sucked {until my awesome massage!}. Today I still feel a slight headache in the same spot but it's nowhere near as bad as yesterday...But if it still hurts tonight, I'm totally begging for another massage! I swear he could charge for those hands of his. ha! ... And by the way, your assignment for tonight is to finagle a massage out of your man too. Ah-mazing!

Well, Happy Thursday! I'll leave with this happy reminder :)
I'm just a little overly obsessed with Etsy prints lately and I found this one here. LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Lucky you!

I need to figure out a way to ask for one without really asking. Jason doesn't seem to get the hints I drop. ;)

Ms Kayso said...

thats cute. Boyfriends are at their cutest when they try to do those little things to make us feel better.

Jessica Renee said...

@jessica, just tell him you're stressed and would love a massage but hate to spend the $ on one right now...That's worked for me before. haha!

@kristine, boyfriends are the best! :)


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