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Jun 28, 2011


While this past weekend was relaxing, it was a waste.

I woke up Saturday fully intending to start packing for the move.
In my head I'm shouting "Woohoo! Let's do this! Look at me, I'm such a bad ass!"
Which quickly turned into "But I have so much to catch up on DVR! Ooh and a couple new movies on Netflix too!"

The text messages for the day all went something like this:
Friend: "Hey what are you doing today?"
Me: "Suuuper busy".
Obviously. TV is serious business.

Sunday? I actually woke up with energy and start dreaming big again! "Woohooooo!"
Start to organize some junk to decide what to pack, what to get rid of.
Until that guy I live with decides to start saying guilt trippy stuff like "This sucks.", "I'm bored".
And since I would do anything to get out of packing for my fiance, I say "You're so right babe, let's get outta here!"

So we did. And we went to dinner. And we went to a movie. And we drank lots of beer at the movie.
And we lived as if we were! 

It was all good fun until we returned to a messy apartment which had not been packed up while we were gone. Apparently the dogs couldn't lift a paw to help a sista out :/ 

I just don't want to do it. I don't want to pack. I don't want to move. But I know we gotta.

So all I ask today is that you send some of your motivational waves my way! I'm very interested in knowing what life is like for you go-getters because this girl does not know how to get!

And before I forget, be sure to sign up for Michelle's ah-mozzing giveaway! Deadline is July 5th!

have a fabulous [and productive!] day! 


Anonymous said...

those boys need to help!
just sitting and eating for free...silly pups!

Dana Richards said...

Oof moving is NOT my favorite thing to do AT ALL! but since I've done it so many times in the past 3 years I've become a total pro. My only tips are to break it up into manageable spurts, or set goals to complete certain rooms by certain days. Something that has always worked well for me also is to neurotically label everything you put into each box.... Im notorious for taking 6 months to unpack, so knowing what is in each box saves you from going through your whole house to find the can opener haha

As far as motivation? Ugh, no advice on that one. You can't MAKE me move again haha

Amanda said...

Funny, I had a blog post about this yesterday, I totally understand how important and demanding the DVR/Netflix is... those things take up a lot of your time, but they're just so damn important. Get those pups to help you out, good luck packing!

Anonymous said...

Awww! If I lived closer, I would just come pack *for* you. Is that weird? - b/c I would NOT wanna pack myself...but I would totally do it for someone else. Ha ha

I am a procrastinator sometimes too when it comes to things that I deem "not fun".

Chloe said...

I wish I could help you...
But my mind is like yours... At first I have big plans but then I get bored and I start reading blogs...

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

I'm in full blown nesting mode now, so I'm sending lots of that energy your way! I've procrastinated 7 months now (not to mention my whole life!), so I know exactly how you feel. :)

Mrs. W. said...

I'm always a terrible procrastinator with packing, too! I just try to break it into manageable sections - I start with the easy stuff, like books and DVDs. Next I'll do things like the desk, or a small closet, or what have you. Then just keep moving little bit by little bit, and soon you're almost done! It helps to set out to just do one small area, and then you feel accomplished afterwards. :)

Jaquelyn @ Southern Dolls and Texas Drawl said...

Moving...I did that almost ten times in three years because I can't sit still. And to note: I had a whole apartment's worth of stuff to move every time (even when I road tripped/moved to Alaska).

The trick? Make it fun. Only put stuff that belongs together in boxes together (livingroom, kitchen, etc) and use blankets, scarves, clothes to wrap things (so you don't have to get a bunch of stuffing which makes procrastination a lot easier).

Get some wine and blast country music really loud (or whatever you like) and have a celebratory dinner IF YOU FINISH (which I had a barbeque with friends), otherwise, only let yourself eat a ham sandwich. That's how I did it, and I packed by myself. Lol. Good luck!

KSK said...

LOL! I'm TERRIBLE!!! I had every intention of going out and doing stuff today... but I thought LB looked tired this morning, and I didn't want her to fall asleep in the car, only for me to wake her up soon after.... FYI: She didn't take a nap for about 3 hours... plenty of time to go out and get stuff done..!
What helps me is making lists and timelines... sometimes even that doesn't help though...

Jessica Hilton said...

LOL - I have days like this all the time, in regards to cleaning and organizing etc.

I hope you feel more up to getting all the packing done ... Although, 3 weeks is still a lot of time .. [there's the procrastinator in me] .... hah :)

ashley.warner said...

love it!

Procrastinators Unite...tomorrow!

Carolina said...

Are you sure you weren't talking about my life in this post? I mean, it might as well be. You described, to a T, the mess that goes on in my head when deciding between what I SHOULD be doing and what I WANT to be doing!

Aaaaand going to dinner, a movie, and lots of exactly what I would have done too!

Sorry I'm of no help on this one. But I'm sending you my best "get r' done" vibes!

Kristen said...

You are already packing/getting ready to move THREE WEEKS OUT?? If I were you I would literally be waiting until the weekend before or day before. I don't do something I don't want to do until I absolutely have no other choice but to DO IT! LOL Sorry no motivational waves here... except maybe drunk packing? That sounds fun! :D


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