Father's Day Weekend Recap

Jun 18, 2012

warning: picture overload!!

This past weekend started off so perfectly. Fridays always put me in the best mood (obviously!) but even more so now that my bosses have allowed us to have "beer thirty" again which we hadn't done since before I was pregnant! In the afternoon my coworkers and I will run to HEB across the parking lot, buy some beer and pretzels and wait patiently for 5:30. Then we sit on our office balcony and drink for the last half hour of the work day. I may have a lot of complaints about my company but this ain't one of them! ha.

That night, Ronnie and I hung out at home with the babes and just relaxed. I toted her around in the Baby Bjorn a lot because that's her favorite way to be carried now, facing out. Apparently she's just too big now (at the old age of nearly 4 months) to be carried like a baby. ha. It was a good night!

Saturday, Violet woke up in such a great mood (and so did we) after a good night's sleep so we brought her to our bed and she started to halfway roll over! It was so funny because she'd roll to her side and just lay there so relaxed, like she was just too tired by this point to roll any further.

I decided since she was so hyper and happy that I would have a quick photo shoot with her in a couple outfits that she hasn't been photographed in. What I forgot is that she HATES having her clothes changed so that lasted oh, about 2 outfits :) But I got some really cute pictures on our digital camera. (these are from my phone!)

Thank you again, Lauren for the adorable peacock tutu!!
Then I caught up on cleaning and laundry and we did a whole lot of Violet entertaining. We finally pulled ourselves together at some point and went shopping for Father's Day gifts for our dads. After 3 stores, Violet had enough and we headed home for another laidback night.

Hey, remember me? I'm Sibley.
Finally on Sunday morning I let Ronnie sleep in for Father's Day morning. It was a nice gesture but I was dying by 11 am and we were out.of.freaking.coffee!! When he got up, Violet and I were playing in her room and that's where we gave him his gift. Since we're trying to save money  he said no gifts but I had a Shutterfly.com coupon for a photo book so I jumped on that! (I'm dedicating an entire blog post to that amazing little book this week!). Unfortunately the really cute card I'd ordered Ronnie from Treat.com never showed up last week like it was supposed to! so I had to improvise and made a little outline of Violet's hand. It wasn't easy getting her little chub hands to stay down so it came out wonky but Ronnie loved it! Thankfully treat.com refunded my money and resent another card which should be here today or tomorrow.

Tutu's her nickname...I don't think I've ever mentioned that! ha

The rest of the morning was great, spent with our super smiley girl. Just last week she discovered her feet so she's constantly trying to grab them. It's so fun to watch!

That afternoon we met up with Ronnie's dad and two sisters at La Hacienda for lunch. Their patio is amazing! It's covered by tons of trees so even on hot days it doesn't feel like it. They had all their fans and misters on so that combined with the slight breeze was heaven! Apparently Violet thought so too because she crashed out at the beginning of the meal and didn't wake up once.
Violet with her daddy and Paw Paw

Ronnie's mom decided last minute to have a dinner for Ronnie's step dad so he went over there last night and me and the girl went to my parents'. We had a good time and she loved seeing them!

It was seriously a great weekend. I honestly couldn't have chosen a better man to be Violet's daddy and we're so lucky to have him. He's amazing with her and while SAHD/student was not a title he thought he'd ever have, he's a pro and I never once have to worry about him or give him instructions. He is just the best dad. and omg is Violet a Daddy's girl. She could be having the time of her life laughing and cooing at me but the moment Ronnie walks into the room, I am completely forgotten. And that's ok with me - I love that they love each other so much <3

Hope y'all had a good weekend too!!!

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Lauren H. Edmondson said...

precious! So glad ya'll like the tu-tu, and how appropriate that her nick-name is the same haha. I love her sweet little leg rolls, I would just eat them up,

Lauren said...

Then we sit on our office balcony and drink for the last half hour of the work day.- this sounds awesome!!! Cute pictures too looks like a great first Father's Day for your man :-)

Christina said...

That last picture is sooo cute! I love her nickname! Nolan's is Pie and Milo's is Mi, but I call both of them Lou. I have no idea... Haha! That sounds like such a great weekend. I only let Jacob sleep in until 9:00, so you get MAJOR points for 11:00!

Courtney*Cakes said...

My heart just melted seeing your sweet daughters smile.

Mrs. W. said...

What a great weekend! I love the pic of her rolling over, she looks so comfy and relaxed. :)

Savanah said...

aww, she is getting so big Jessica! I know you probably hate to hear that! But she's just beautiful! Her little tutu is precious.
And of course I love the kitty picture too ;)

Jean said...

this post makes me smile!
happy belated father's day ronnie!

and jess, i love that card with violet's hand traced! it's too adorable!

i love photo books, i have one, but should do more! i think they're less expensive than the album & photo deal.

love the kitty photo.. oh sibley!

love the feet grabbing.... the photos are toooooo cute!

and can't believe you guys get to do beer thirty! that is tooooooo good to be true!

Faith said...

Seriously? Your job does that? Sign me up, haha.

Your weekend sounds so good!

Violet is growing. So exciting to read about her! And those eyes of hers are beautiful!

Happy Father's Day to your baby daddy ;)

Suze said...

What a happy weekend! It sounds so nice to just stay at home with the little fam.

Happy fathers day to Ronnie!!

(PS Violet's hair KILLS me- I love it so much!! She is too cute.)

Carissa said...

She is adorable!!! I just bought those same bibs for Emma yesterday! LOL!

Meg O. said...

Aw, what a sweet little princess. I love her tutu... and her nickname, Tutu! Glad y'all had such a good father's day!

Anonymous said...

Your car looks just like ours!!! I've never seen one that looks like her, she has unique markings.
Looks like a fun weekend. We bought an ink pad from micheals when Mackenzie was little and do handprints for just about everything. 1 in 10 times we get a good print. :)

Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

She is seriously the cutest!!! Such a pretty baby!! Sounds like an amazing weekend :)


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