The Weekend + Photo Fun

Jun 25, 2012

Here's what we were up to this past weekend!

If I haven't said it enough, I can't believe how quickly Violet is growing and changing. She is currently obsessed with her feet and stretching out her legs. So much so that she can barely stay still in her carseat anymore so we unleashed her (ha) at HEB and she got a lot of attention for moves such as this :)

Per usual, Fridays are my favorite day of the week. Since our bosses are out of town I decided what better time to paint my nails and to partake in a lunch time happy hour with the co-workers! I don't get many breaks from Violet outside of work so I gotta fit in my "me time" somewhere, right? ;)
and have I told y'all how hot it is now? As if you haven't heard it from every other Texas blogger by now! Seeing this at 6:15 at night nearly ruined my weekend. But getting home to a little cutie hugging on her doll always makes things better.

Saturday we didn't even venture out until late to pick up a couple things at Target and then we headed to my parents' for my sister's ginormous graduation party. I'm so proud of my sister and I can't believe she'll be leaving us soon for TAMU CC! But we're really so super excited for her!

As soon as we arrived she wanted to hold "her baby" and Violet was good for oh, about 2 minutes until the rest of the party goers saw that she was there. Cue the freak out. She proceeded to scream pretty much all.night. She already wasn't feeling well, it was 7 pm and she had about 50 new faces coming at her so poor girl wasn't having a good time :/ Of course we got plenty of (unsolicited) advice and judgey comments like "My baby didn't have stranger anxiety until much later, I wonder why she's like this?".. Maybe because she's a genius and way ahead of the curve? Or maybe your ugly face is scaring her? But I digress.

Violet was great in her daddy's arms though and she even got to meet her little cousin Milo for the first time! :) Milo was born in May and is my cousin Mike's little boy, he is just the cutest thing! The proud daddies got to chat about their new roles and Ronnie finally got to call a little baby "Bubba"...I know deep down he wants his own little Bubba one day ;)

As for me and Milo's mama, Amy, we had a ton to talk about and she had plenty of questions for me. She mainly wanted to know that she would sleep again one day which I assured her she would. ha. Of course the tired moms got the end of the night picture, babes already in their onesies, Amy with her hair up and me with drool on my arm. Good times ;)

Crazy that this was just us in January ;)

Sunday night was so relaxing. Trips to Home Depot, Target and HEB and the rest of the time was at home. Of course this and Ronnie taking the baby so I could nap for a couple hours was glorious. I'm so ready to take on the week now!

How was your weekend?

Linking up with my favorite girlies, Ashlee & Savanah!


Lauren H. Edmondson said...

don't you love those insulting questions? like "Man, Sawyer sure isn't gaining weight, what are ya'll feeding him?" Crack. We're feeding him crack.

Lauren said...

Such cute pics girl! Love that ulta nail polish and mmm margaritas two for one are my favs :-)

Christina said...

Hahaha! Ugly faces do scare babies! Nolan was cool with everyone. Milo cried instantly when someone got in his bubble. He still does. Gotta love the advice! Cute baby meeting!!! I hope they get to grow up together and make fun cousin memories. Holy hotness. I would die. I’d never leave the house. I’m such a bad mom because I only let my kids play outside before 10:00 or after 4:00 so I don’t have to slather us all up in sunscreen. I wanna work where you work.

Jean said...

love that. violet is such a cutie! i think my nephew (about the same age as violet) will have that problem once he finds his feet. he already hates laying on his back! he learned to turn at an early age.

oh you're so funny, ugly faces. i get like that (just kidding).

babies galore! so nice to have someone around her age :)

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie has Isaues with me leaving the room even if her daddy is there. Plus she had stranger anxiety at 6 months. A small setting is fine. 20+ ppl at Christmas, WAY to much! I just love all the ways ppl tell us how to raise our kids.
Looks like a fun weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Love that color from Ulta! And no offense but Violet is so stinking cute I want to give her a big hug. Great pictures this week!

Savanah said...

Thanks for linking up again!!!! Love seeing the pictures of V as usual ;)

I SO wish I could partake in a lunch time happy hour every day!!! My coworkers make me need it! haha

Amanda said...

Great pictures! I nominated you for a blog award:

Carissa said...

My job so needs a lunch time happy hour! I love when the bosses are out of town...the office is in chill mode!! LOL! I love how she Violet has found her feet, too cute!!!

Carissa said...

Oh and I HATE the unsolicited advice about my child!!! Just because your child did one thing that doesn't mean mine is going to do the exact same! LOL!

Faith said...

Loving your nail polish color!

Haha, I laughed out loud when you said maybe she's a genius and ahead of the curve or maybe your ugly face is scaring her! So funny!

And I don't know what I would do with that type of heat. No thank you!

Mrs. W. said...

Ahhh, the judgy know how I love those. ;)

I love to read about what Violet is doing these days because I know that's what will be coming up soon for Ellie! She has started looking at her feet but hasn't found them yet, but she does love to kick them. :)

Oh, and Violet's little hair bow kills me. Ellie needs to hurry up and get some hair.


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