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Aug 14, 2012

Y'all, I am dying to be crafty. One of my first ever DIY projects was my preggo skeleton shirt from last Halloween and that nearly killed me. I blame my attention to detail and the need for everything to be neat, straight, perfect...and if it's not, I feel like I might literally explode from the stress. Having said that, I know I need to start small before I get into the serious projects! And this one is obviously super simple and something I'm sure many of you have done before. But humor me, I was excited that I actually pulled it off!

This was a super last minute idea, done Sunday before my sister's going away party! I had already put together a little care package for her that included some make-up, candy, etc. but I also wanted to give her some framed quotes for her desk. At first I wanted them to be inspirational but then I figured they just needed to be sassy and cute like her :)

So by just Google'ing "free inspirational printables" and searching through Images, I found a few that I just loved (among MANY others!) and even though I only planned to do 2, I found 3 just to be on the safe side. You know, in case I screwed up something at the last minute. These were the three I chose:

 1. // 2. // 3.

I didn't have any card stock at home but I did have this postcard stock which is only 4 1/4"x5 1/2" so I knew I was in for it since I wanted to put them in 4"x6" frames. But I went for it anyway, I kinda had no choice ;) Our printer isn't of the highest quality either but I knew it would get the job done. See? 
I just opened up Microsoft Word, used the template for this size postcard and pasted the images in. I printed the pink card on a seperate sheet because that was at the point when I decided I should have a backup.

At this point we're already running late to the party but we made a quick stop at Target for frames. This is where I found the PERFECT set. Four frames for just $5.99! The set came with two black frames (just what I needed!) and one silver and one white. Major score.

Crappy picture of one of the frames but you get the idea.

When it came to framing the pictures, since the size was off, I had to cut the sides down to 4" to fit. As for the other end being only 5 1/2" that meant I was left with empty space at both the top and bottom. I didn't have any black paper with me (this was being done in the car! Agh!) so I grabbed the next best thing - pink tissue paper! Since I was going to be wrapping this gift in the car, I had some extra.

So I framed the silhouette image, put pink tissue paper behind it and voila! Next came the turquoise print and I didn't like the way it looked but luckily, Jessica had prepared for a situation like this! ;) I had a back up! So I popped the cupcake print into the frame, placed some tissue paper behind it and DONE.

All pictures were taken with my cell and I kept getting a glare no matter where I took the picture but again, you get the idea. They weren't perfect by any means but for a last minute project, I think they came out pretty cute!

Besides, my sister loved them and that's really all that matters :)

This project cost me just $5.99, the price of the frames, since I already had the printer paper and the tissue paper. Of course, the printables were free. Plus I get to keep the two extra frames for myself. Major score!

Not half bad for a last minute, done in the car DIY project, no? ;)


Lauren said...

I make these DIY frames a lot for parties and/or gifts so easy & cute :-)

BG said...

SO CUTE!!!! I love the cupcake one :)

Ashlee Miller said...

Cute! Easy DIY's are the best.

Cole said...

So cute! Good job!

Fash Boulevard said...

Omg, so cute, Jessica. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report and my big news regarding Lauren Conrad. xo


Asha said...

Thanks to Pinterest, I love doing these for parties and they have so many for every occasion you could possibly think of haha! I love how yours came out and you definitely get props for improvising with the tissue paper :)

Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants said...

I think you rocked this bad boy! They came out fabulous!

Sara said...

Very cute!!

Mrs. W. said...

Very cute! Nice gift for your sis!

Christina said...

Great job!!! I love the prints you chose!


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