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Aug 23, 2012

Thursday, you tease.
I thought it was you yesterday but I was sorely mistaken. Forgive me as my days run together lately due to a certain little girl. I won't mention any names.
--So have I told y'all how bad teething SUCKS? Because it does. Not just for the baby for the parents too. I'm running on fumes, y'all.
--This Maybooks planner I keep hearing about has me confused! I wanted another EC planner for next year that I can personalize with the Fall family pictures we're having taken...but Maybooks are so.damn.cute! Plus they're way cheaper than EC and not at all bulky.. #toughlifedecisions
--You may have seen this on Lauren's blog today but I am now obsessed with Ashley Goldberg's patterns too. I spent a full hour this morning looking through them and finally chose this one as the background on my phone. Yay pretty things!
--Also pretty? This big, colorful tote from Etsy. Mama needs!
--I've had the theme for Violet's 1st birthday chosen since I was pregnant but after talking to Melia on Twitter yesterday about her son's 1st, I had to copy her super organized self and make a Pinterest board for Violet's party too. Because her birthday may be 6 months away but in between now and then are the holidays. Holy freak out. SO LITTLE TIME TO PLAN. 
--Oh yeah, Violet turns 6 MONTHS OLD next Tuesday. Break my heart, why don't you.
--Have you heard about the Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Challenge? Be the first city to get it this Fall? Well, at last check the city that's in the lead is Langhorne, PA with 30,168 points. Know how many points San Antonio has? 280. Way to be lame, San Antonio.
--aaand finally, remember THIS from last Fall?? Well hang on to your scarves, little ladies because we will be back with a fun annoucement in two weeks!


Lauren said...

I'm loving that big tote and V is going to be 6 months old already?! Craziness!!! Hope teething gets better for you all :-) I can't WAIT for pumpkin spice to come back, I always go get one the day it comes out :-)

Rhonda said...

My thoughts...

I like the EC planner better for myself because, well... i love bulky planners as long as I use all of it.. and I use every inch. Also, I love the spiral binding so that I can lay it completely flat or fold the pages back like a notebook. And I can't live without the zipper pouch and folders and ... I just love it. :)

can't wait for the swap!

Mrs. W. said...

Love that tote!!!

I can't believe V is 6 months already. Madness! I've been loving the stuff you've been pinning for her party!

Also, I spent all day Tuesday thinking it was Friday. That was the most awful thing ever.

mrs.mfc said...

So excited to see your plans come together for her birthday party!! Love that tote bag. Yummmmm now I am thinking about a pumpkin spice latte! So delicious!

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

Cannot wait to stalk your 1st birthday pinterest board ;)
Do you have caribou? They already have their pumpkin spice out!
Those maybooks are nice! I'm so partial to my EC though, I don't think I could switch.

Suze said...

I can't believe Violet is six months old!! Bet you can't either.

I've been thinking about 1st birthday parties too and he's only a month old- haha! Pinterest is my friend.... or enemy?

I loved the swap last fall- I will definitely be signing up!

Cole said...

Yeesh...V is six months already?! Whoa!

Monica said...

Yikes 6 months go by so fast! love how random this post is :)

Christina said...

I got this Blue Sky planner from Target last year that has the same layout inside as Erin Condren. It’s not so pretty outside, but I make a mess of my planner so I’m ok with that. $13! This Maybooks are so cute though! I also pick out my kid’s birthday themes a year in advance. But my time is running out! Jacob said starting at their 4th birthday they can pick their own theme. Good thing I planted "camping" in Nolan's head before we asked him what kind of party he wanted! Haha! Leavenworth, WA is in the lead now! It’s a teeny, tiny mountain tourist town a few hours out of Seattle. I bet like 1,500 people live there. Strange...

Yay for the fall swap! I had a dud partner last year (no offense!!!). Can't wait to try again.

Anonymous said...

So excited for the swap! And I am just hearing about Maybooks. I love the designs, but I think I like the organization features in the EC planner. Have a wonderful weekend!

Carissa said...

I have an EC planner and I love it but I just purchased a Maybook for school. I will say Maybooks are easier to carry everywhere because they are so lighweight...but I love the colors and organization of the EC...I will probably order another one of those next year!

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie is only 15 months and I'm already pinning 2nd bday ideas. :)
Can't wait for the announcement! I may have to participate. :)


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