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Dec 9, 2013

Have I mentioned how amazing it is to not work a Friday for the rest of the year?! Thanks goodness for enough vacation time to be able to do that because I am loving it and plan to do the same next year! I'm having a blast having that extra time with my favorites and it makes me never want to work a Friday again. ha! This past weekend was so quiet and relaxing and made about 100x better by the crazy "Artic Blast" we got in on Friday. OMG it's been so cold (for South Texas!) and I don't ever want it to end.

Friday, we braved the crowd and went to Target, Hobby Lobby and then scoured Home Depot for some things for the house. We've decided to really make an effort to customize and update our house, a little at a time. Things like new paint, new light fixtures, french doors to replace sliding doors (we have three sets!?), new sinks in the bathrooms, etc. We've been slacking on that stuff since we bought the house two years ago (or maybe we've just been tight on money ;) but our goal in 2014 is to make it a priority! This Friday we're actually having the four huge trees in our yard trimmed (a big expense we've been putting off but I'm happy we can finally do it) and also having the kitchen counter tops refinished!!! Our old 80s laminate counters will get an new look and I can't wait! It's a much more cost effective way for us to get an updated look since granite counters aren't in the budget right now! 

Saturday, we didn't do much but hang out at home by the fire because it was that freaking cold and it was so so perfect. I also cleaned the house (my weekend duty. bleh) and then my parents came over and brought us pizza for dinner. That was so nice of them to do and Violet loved having time with him, I'm sure they felt the same ;)   

Yesterday, was a day that deserves its own post so I'll get to that tomorrow!

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Christina said...

How exciting to be doing house stuff! Now I want french doors. Haha! :) It sounds like the perfect weekend. We hung out the whole time too, but only because we all have a cold. Boo.

Monica L said...

Haha I got my rumchata in the holiday box too, totally used it with my hot chocolate mix! Updating the house sounds like a great plan for 2014!

Lauren H Edmondson said...

aw yay, house updating is so exciting (even though it can be stressful and expensive haha). Glad y'all got a fun weekend as a family - it was fuh-reezing here in eastern NC dropping below 35 on Saturday and super rainy and drizzly so we did a lot of snuggling.

Faith said...

That's awesome you get Friday off for the rest of the year!

Ahh, I miss the joys of updating a house. Moving from a house to an apartment when we moved out of state is hard! Can't wait to get into a house again :)

Violet is getting so big! She's beautiful.

Lauren said...

How fun, I'm loving all your pics of V lately by the tree :-)

Anonymous said...

How fun getting to update your house!! I can't wait until we get to do that one day. My weekness would be paint and faucets. I of course like the crazy expensive ones you see in the commercials. :)


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