Not a fan of change.

Jul 19, 2010

Lots of stuff going on in our household! As I've talked about before, Ronnie is in school and is working towards being a dietician. With working full time and going to school full time, he's always tired, stressed and yes, even grumpy. Shocker huh? But in the past few weeks, his boss had been cutting hours which was actually fine because it gave Ronnie more time for school. I stressed over less $ coming in but we've been dealing ok. Then over the weekend, his boss tells him that he is shutting down the business "temporarily" until they get more work in (he's in land surveying). So it seems things are going to be fine for a while - Ronnie will collect unemployment until he can find a part time job and for now, he finally has the time to just concentrate on school. But there's one problem with this "cushy" set up.

All this extra time gives him more time to THINK. and SCHEME.

Ronnie's getting a taste of the college kid life. He's at home not working, just concentrating on school. I even let him off the hook with cleaning up the house during the day because I'd rather him focus on school. So that brings me to the big "change". Ronnie has decided that he is fully considering taking my parents up on their offer to let us move in for a while. They've always said "Just move in, stop worrying about bills and just focus on school for now" but I never thought he'd be into it. This seems like the "easy" way out but is it REALLY easy to live with my parents again? It's not only me having to adjust but Ronnie will have some MAJOR adjusting to do. He's been on his own since 17 and my family is the in-your-face-we-have-to-do-family-stuff-24/7 kinda family. We've dealt with that ok since we live in our own place but how will it change now? I'm nervous, scared, and semi-excited (about not having bills), all at once. I'm not sure what to think. I worry that this will affect our relationship. Or maybe it will be better because we won't be arguing about money for a while? How will we deal with having no privacy? Moving our dogs + cat into an already full house? And what about the wedding? We'll get married next year and just go back "home" to my parents'? Or should the wedding just get put on hold?

AAAAGH. I'm stressing beyond belief because while I know it would be a hard change, I can't help but think how awesome it would be to allow Ronnie the chance to hurry up and finish school, with NO stress... Any advice? Thanks, Ladies!

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amy said...

That's a tough choice!!

I love living on my own and would hate the idea of moving back in with my mom, but...
I also love the idea of being able to pay off some debt...

For me as a single adult...I would choose having debt over living with my mom again! :)

But if I were engaged - I would like the idea of having no bills to pay and being able to start putting all of my money towards saving for our future!

Hard decision!


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