Preggo Stuff - 28 Weeks

Dec 7, 2011

Happy Happy Wednesday!!
I haven't blogged in SIX days and was starting to feel some withdrawals!

Thank you for all of your positive comments on my preggo post last week. It means a lot to have found such sweet and supportive friends! :)

I can't believe I have just 12 weeks before I meet Baby V!

Updates in Week 28:
  • We got a new mattress this past weekend and I am sleeping like a CHAMP! I haven't even gotten up to pee the last two nights! guess I just really needed to catch up on those zzzzz's!
  • I worry with not getting up that I might pee the bed in the middle of the night. That would be some shit. ha!
  • My upper and middle back have started to hurt a lot and the only thing that helps is getting on all fours and doing some stretches. Ronnie has been really sweet and giving me back rubs too.
  • I used to feel slight movement up top but in the past week they've started to feel like full on kicks which makes me think baby girl has changed positions and is head down now. At least that's what I think, in my own wannabe professional opinion :p
  • I have a feeling this girl already knows her momma's a worrier. Literally every time I start thinking that I haven't felt her kick in a while, she starts up. That is always a major relief!
  • My boobs must be in a race with my belly to see which can stick out the farthest. Ronnie doesn't mind the extra padding but it's getting pretty ridiculous, y'all.
  • Every time someone says I don't look 7 months along, I wish I could just say "Look, I've never had a flat tummy so of course my pregnant belly isn't gonna be massive. What do you want from me?!". But that might just be the hormones talking.
  • Speaking of hormones, I have felt pretty crazy lately. I cry over EVERYTHING. Last week while being sensitive over something Ronnie said, he tells me "It's ok, I know you're just being hormonal"...which basically pushed me into psycho mode. Poor guy.
  • With it being cold outside now, it's easy to stay under the covers and sleep in. So fair warning, you will see a LOT more of me and my naturally curly hair around here. Straightening it is just too tiring and time consuming!
  • We still haven't registered! My baby showers are in January so I guess I should get on that. I think in the back of mind I know I'm gonna be overwhelmed by it which has kept me from doing it. No more procrastinating - it has GOT to happen this weekend!
Hope y'all are doing well! Have a great day! :D


Dana Richards said...

i can't believe you've been pregnant for 7 months! I feel like you just announced it last week haha good for you girl, this is the home stretch!

moderndaywife said...

Love the pic how cute girl!!

Anonymous said...

7 months!?!? Wow you look amazing! And I'm in love with your sweater :)

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

So so so cute! Love your sweater and your naturally curly hair ;) If it is one thing I can't stand it is when Kevin tells me I am being cranky! Gah!

ashallann said...

You look fantastic! A new mattress can really change your life :)

Jean said...

your "own wannabe professional opinion" --- I LOVE THAT, so funny & cute.

time is flying by... i am so excited to meet baby, too!

oh gosh and i can imagine the hormones. the bf has been talking about babies already and i am already getting anxiety from it... i already feel a great deal that i will be super sensitive. ugh. oh the things women do, women are great!

ronnie is great. he is so supportive and understanding of your pregnancy, that is super awesome!

happy hump day!

Jessica said...

Wow, I can't believe you're 7 months already!! And you look adorable in your picture! You'll have to let me know when you register so I can send you something for Baby!! :)


Heather said...

Look at that belly!! You look so great!

And yes, my hubby writing something off as a hormonal moment would send me into a fit too!

Christina said...

12 weeks?!? How exciting! I forgot all about taking kick counts. I used to freak out too, then jump around or push on him to wake him up! Like I said, I worried a lot. Hahaha. That’s a great picture and I love your curly hair! The best part about registering is you can go start it in the store and finish it or change things online after you’ve had time to think about it and do some research. I’m happy to help if you have any questions about baby products. I have a few must have items that I couldn’t have lived without.

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh! I can't believe she'll BE HERE in twelve weeks (more or less!) You are absolutely adorable!

M.R. said...

My first thought was your hair looked good! I like your sweater too! where's it from??

Miranda said...

i was sooooo hormonal when i was pregnant...i cried all the time and sometimes for no reason at all! also i always had to go to the bathroom...i would go walk to my room, then have to go back and go again! and don't be overwhelmed about registering! it is supposed to be fun so just pick some things you would need, and then love (but maybe wouldn't buy for yourself) :)

Cole said...

I'm glad that you're getting some sleep, girlie!!

You look so cute! Love that sweater.

Meg O. said...

I absolutely love your bump! You look fantastic!

Glad you're sleeping a lot better nowadays. I have been blessed with good sleep this pregnancy, so I'm glad you are getting some too. :) Let me know where you end up registering!!

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

I have a HUGE fear of peeing in the bed haha, I actually dream that I peed the bed before and woke up freaking out because I thought I really had. It was even worse when i was pregnant, glad you're resting well now!

Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

Heyyy look at YOU! What a cute preggo belly :) You hair looks lovely curly, and you are totally rockin that cheetah sweater to maximum chicness! Holy crap- 12 more weeks?! I swear time goes so fast in blog land...

xo, Kristen

P.S. Check out my very first giveaway when you get a chance!

Faith said...

you are so cute! loving your leopard top!

glad that you are able to sleep like a champ with your new mattress!

happy 28 weeks!

Sabrina said...

so cute and happy. motivates me to get after it. eeek.


Mrs. W. said...

You look so cute, my preggo friend!

Have fun registering! I did it all online because I'm lazy, ha. I liked looking at reviews, too!

And I totally had my first really bad hormonal breakdown this week. All night long I cried over anything and everything - totally crazypants. Glad to hear I'm not alone, lol! :)

ImarriedAtexan said...

Very pretty picture and I am jealous that you haven't gotten up to pee in the past few nights.

Cori H. said...

I'm super happy that you are enjoying the new mattress and sleeping better!

Not too much longer... Baby girl will be here soon! :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You look adorable! Love that sweater :)

And it sounds like you are doing well, but ready to meet her!

gina said...

Your curls are adorable!! 12 weeks? Yay!!

KSK said...

Awe! You look great! I love our curly hair!!
*and hopefully Ronnie now knows you don't say things like that to a pregnant woman! ;)

Suze said...

Aw- how exciting!!

I did something very similar to Spencer the other day and he reacted the same way! I'm not sure I can blame the pregnancy hormones though- I think it might just be my crazy. :)

So excited for you! I cant' believe you're already 7 months!

Lauren said...

You look gorgeous!!



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