Guest Post: Christina Talks Halloween Drinks

Oct 17, 2012

Welcome one of my blog besties, Christina!! She and I have so much in common and I truly wish we lived next door to one another. I'm pretty sure I'd be knocking on her door every day, ready for another Mommy Happy Hour ;) Be sure to stop by her blog!

Hi! I'm Christina and I blog over at Easily Entertained  where I talk about all things pop culture: books, movies, fashion, Hollywood hunks, television, celebrity gossip, and music. I also throw in some posts about my husband and two sons and our adventures in Seattle. Stop by and say hi! We already have something in common...we love Jessica! Thanks for having me, friend!
If you're anything like me, Halloween might not be as exciting as it once was. Long gone are the days of late night parties, hilarious costumes, and crazy adventures. Now it's all about letting my four year old pick out his costume and hope and pray that he doesn't change his mind before Halloween night. We'll trick or treat around the neighborhood, pass out candy to our friends, and let the kids stay up way too late...8:30pm. When the kids are asleep my husband and I will raid their plastic pumpkins. Exciting times, let me tell you. But there are treats we can indulge in other than bite size Snickers and disgusting Smarties. I'm talking about adult beverages! Here are some I can't wait to try:
Vanilla vodka, half and half, simple syrup, white chocolate shavings 
Brain Hemorrhage
Peach schnapps, Baileys Irish Cream, grenadine 
Brain Hemmorage
Black cherry vodka, grenadine, cola, maraschino cherries 
Dracula's Kiss with Effen Black Cherry Vodka
Vodka, Grand Marnier, frozen raspberries, beet juice, lemon juice, seltzer, sugar, ice  
Vampire Punch
Gin, vermouth, pimiento stuffed olives, radishes 
Gin, vermouth, ice, pickled baby beets 
Vanilla vodka, Adult Chocolate Milk, rum, chambord
Vodka, Grape Kool-Aid, ginger ale, sugar, water 
Rum, cream of coconut, heavy cream, pineapple juice, orange juice 
Vodka, 7 Up, Pop Rocks 
Vodka, rosemary-lemon syrup, lemon juice, ice
And if you want to get really crafty, try these garnishes! 
Who says kids get to have all the fun?
Will you pour yourself a spooky drink on Halloween? I want to get my hands on some Adult Chocolate Milk and make a Bloody Berry.


Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

SO fun! I'm not a huge vodka fan, but the ghoultini sounds awesome!

Jen said...

These are so awesome! I think vampire punch looks the best. It would be really fun to have a halloween cocktail party.

Hunter87 said...

Very pretty drinks.

Jean said...

i don't know where that would put me... i sleep early.... and not much of a party animal at all!!! but man, i sure do love me a new drink! these look awesome!!


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